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2014-01-15 11:53:10 by Amit

WWICS tricked me into believing in their fraud procedures for PR. I wanted my PR work to be done by them and for which I paid them in full. However, WWICS tricksters just made me believe that they would the deliver the promised work. They never actually meant that because had they meant what they said, they would not have come up without any output. They initially delayed submission of my PR file and then later I had to wait for 10 long years to get my PR work done. And even after the long wait of 10 years, all I got was a shocking news that my PR can no longer be approved due to some policy changes. Trick WWICS played here was to keep me waiting and give me the hope that the work will be done. Whereas, in reality they were just cheating and scamming me. They wasted my energy, ruined my precious time, broke my trust and frustrated me to the core. I feel duped and harassed by WWICS tricksters. WWICS tricks people like me and gives nothing in return but stress.

WWICS is the worst organization I have ever dealt with and would not ever trust the WWICS tricks and scam again. WWICS tricks other people too and one can read similar stories online of WWICS tricking people and wasting their time.
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