October 05, 2009

FRAUD & SCAM WWICS ( World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services) with its H.O at Chandigargh and branch office at various locations in India deals with Immigration/Work permit/Permananent settlement. Actually i applied for immigration to Canada through its branch office at Trichy on 2006.So for...

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WWCS - lack of business knowledge

October 05, 2009

wwics hires people with no experience and knowledge of immigration and charges a heavily.

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WWICS - Immigration consultant - Cheating and Negligence

October 05, 2009

Dear Sir, Greetings! I am forwarding the details of latest communication with WWICS. After a long wait of 5 years we people are suffering due to the poor services rendered by WWICS. No one in WWICS is concerned for active service delivery. Even many a times we have contacted their owner, but no...

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WWICS - Is this trustworthy?

October 05, 2009

I got this through email by further process they offered me a position without any interview. This seems to be unusual. Please help. West African Medical Centre Cameroon N 3062 Bona-Asama Rd, Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon. + 237 741 34176 + 237 09 95654 CAREERS DEVELOPMENT...

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WWICS - Fraud by WWICS for not giving service & Not refunding money 85,000.

October 05, 2009

hi, Fraud / Cheating by WWICS Immigration Consultant, Delhi. I am a 30 years NRI, presnetly working in NIgeria.I have been cheated by Immigration consultant WWICS. Please see the mail communication below, which explains that: I had been registered with WWICS for immigration services in dec2005....

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WWICS - Misguidance and Non refund of Consultancy Charges

October 05, 2009

Dear Sir, Maam I had entered into contract with WWICS GK-1 Branch for fecilitating my application for UK Tier1 General Visa . This was entered on 31st August 2008 whereby I paid INR 20000 vide HDFC Cheque 232664 dated 31.07.2008 and WWICS gave me reciept of this - Receipt number 101508 dated 30th...

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Dr. Robert Lowen - Dishonest Doctor

September 26, 2009

I went to Dr. Lowen about surgery to fix the mess another doctor made of my body. When he saw the before/after photos, he said, "You looked much better before", and he told me that doctor had removed fat from parts that he shouldn't have. But when the Medical Board investigated that doctor,...

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Christian Loetscher D.D.S., M.S. - Unethical Selling Billing Practices

August 29, 2009

I needed two implants and this surgeon was referred to me by another dentist (unfortunately). When discussing pricing over the phone with them I found that their prices were more than I wanted to spend. I still needed to at least get the teeth pulled so I went into the office for just that. While there...

3 Responses - Wazzum is a scam!

August 21, 2009

I have experienced terrible customer service. I don't know about the Wordpress thing other then some of the script reminds me of Wordpress.. Probably asking Wordpress themselves would solve that question. I have called many times without an answer. For two months I have been waiting for 2.5 upgrade....

11 Responses / - Shoddy work, horrible customer service

August 18, 2009

Despite the the promise of "creating a personalized, job-winning resume in 24-48 hours", as this website claims, nobody got in touch with me within 4 days. After I called them, I got the first draft sent to me on the following day. The resume was composed of boilerplate phrases, without any...

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wwics group - lethargy in service

October 05, 2009

I have applied for permanent residency visa for canada through this agency called WWICS in kolkata office .At the time of payment i was told that it will take two and a half years by the time i can get my landing papers .I have applied in december 2004 and have completed all the formalities .It is already...

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WWICS - Fraud

October 05, 2009

iam a real victim of wwics fraud, i also paid 1, 25000 rupees for candian work permit visa(for the post of the assistant manager )as per wwics advertisement, i went to Trivandrum branch and collected all the information about this visa processing.intially they told met that only 6 months processing time,...

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October 05, 2009

Dear all, Plz. plz. plz. avoid WWICS as they are the biggest mother f...ker. A chairman of wwics so called Sandhu is convicted of several crimes and must be rewarded for his guts that he built a Resort on Punjab Govt. land without taking any permission. I doubt when he was in Indian defence how...

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Immigration Fraud Cheating WWICS sandhu - Complain against delhi CP WWICS GK II, sandhu , gurpreet kaur, sharat bhardwaj

October 05, 2009

On 17th NOv'2005 I attended a seminar of WWICS at Sai Auditorium Near C.G.O Complex. After that the started calling me up more than 5 times a day to join for Immigration by signing an agreement & Paying 30000/-, so in NOV'05 i managed to arrange money & paid 30, 000/- . This is the...

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WWICS Kokata Office - Not refunding the service money

October 05, 2009

Dear Sir We have cheated by the WWICS Kolkata Office as they have completely misguided to me and my husband. The amount Rs.30000.00 as Retainership Fee we paid for immigrating to Canada but the services we never provided by them on the contrary we were harrassed on one pretext or other. I have written...

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October 05, 2009

WWICS ( World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services) with its H.O at Chandigargh and branch office at various locations in India deals with Immigration/Work permit/Permananent settlement. Actually i applied for immigration to Canada through its branch office at Trichy on 2006.So for this process they...

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Duke Energy - Refuse to install a line surge protector

September 25, 2009

The following events portray one example of how Duke Energy seems to be actively engaged in the process of undermining access to alternative energy for people of moderate to lower income levels. One possible objective of this behavior is to allow them to maintain their practical monopoly of energy...

Allconnect - bad service

August 24, 2009

I was in the process of buying a new home and after talking to consumers energy to have the power switched to my name, they asked me if I would like the call to be directed to Allconnect for additional packages. When the call was transferred a man told me that charter was available in the area and was...

Bear Path Aussies - Sandy Goldschmitt

August 21, 2009

I first spoke with breeder about her puppies and a friend and I decided to go ahead with purchasing two breeding females. After sending in our deposits and signed contracts breeder became a difficult person to work with. Puppies were gaurunteed healthy, however upon picking them up (met her at her vet...

32 Responses / - Complete waste of money

August 17, 2009

I am a senior sales executive and I used to revise my resume, noting that it was an "immediate need." I received the worst service that I have ever had. The one person working on resumes was completely unprofessional. He revised my resume in 2 days without even talking...

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