aaaaaaaaa - text messages

December 01, 2010

I keep getting text messages for a mohammed from sam i am certainly not mohammed and have never asked for a loan i am taking this further as the text are about 5 a day please stop texting me i am going to the financial ombusman to complain as well I dont know how you got my number

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Diet Max Cleanse - Stay away!

November 30, 2010

Ordered product on 3/5 and they claim they shipped it on 3/14 but I never received it. They had no proof of shipment or delivery but blamed me for not contacting them within 10 days to cancel. They charged my credit card $87.47. The best they would offer me was a $20 credit but their credit site states...

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thomas jones/oz management - paying 4 nothing

November 14, 2010

well i paid $450 to thomas jones,i called him once saying i will take legal action, then he asked me 2 come up saying ill be an extra in his alphonse movie (as if it exists) then heard nothing, since then texted him as he never answers and he said "do not contact this number" well let me now...

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FLM Loans - No refund of £69.50

October 21, 2010

Like many others on this website I am having big problems with Flm Loans or is it Yes Loans?I paid £69.50 arrangement fee and I was offered a loan with Yes Loans. They asked for a guarantor (who I know has a good credit history) but my loan was refused because my guarantor was 'not acceptable'....

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safety coordinator - file number

October 12, 2010

while register the time they ask the wwics file num so pls let me know the number

WWICS - The Immigration Help Center

September 29, 2010

Hell All, Myself Madan Kumar am very thankful to WWICS for my immigration to Canada. I registered with your Ludhiana Branch for Federal Investor Program Canada on 14th Mar 2009 and on 23 Feb, 2010 got my medicals for the same. I must thank the staffs at both Ludhiana and Mohali who were very helpful....

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WWICS Genuine Name In The Field Of Immigration - WWICS Genuine Name In The Field Of Immigration

September 25, 2010

Hi, It’s my great pleasure to write you (WWICS) that I had received the landing paper from CHS in you Mumbai branch. I am very thankful to you for your kind co-operation from beginning to till received the landing papers. I would like to thanks Mr. B.S.Jolly Ji, Mr. S.P.gupta who had guided...

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private concern - jewelry

September 10, 2010

I was disgusted with the check they sent me for a gold bracelet two gold watches a gold pin a heavy gold chain and other bits . £16 It's a dissgrace. I sent it straight back and told them to send my jewelry back. I am still waiting . How can they show this on television by some one famous? I'll...

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WWICS - WWICS No. 1 Immigration Consultants

August 31, 2010

I, Avtar Singh and all my family members would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire staff of WWICS for their kind support and guidance provided during my immigration process to Canada. The help and assistance provided by your institution proved to be invaluable. I would also like...

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daksh immigration and placement consultancy,hasdri nagar - fraud visa

August 12, 2010


Diet Max Cleanse - Beware!

November 30, 2010

this compant have taken $87.47 out of my account after i canceled the order. they have done this several times. taking it out puting it back in taking it back puting it bback in. why do this company still access to my account after i have canceled it. this company have not given my money back yet after...

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Issa Saad - Contact information!

November 30, 2010

Charged card several times 87.13. Company is a scam. But through Hours and days of research I've found his Cell number 305.915.9600. My account was refunded for the 3 transactions. I'm still working on another account. Keep calling!!! Miami Florida Work: 954.482.4255 Fax: 305.402.0224...

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immigration services - Letter of Appreciation to WWICS

November 01, 2010

To, WWICS, WWICS Group. Subject: Letter of Appreciation. Dear Sir/ Ma’am, I am writing this letter in appreciation of the staff of WWICS-Dubai for the timely and efficient guidance that I received, in support of my application for PR status to Canada. I would like to specially...

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flm quick - ripped off

October 20, 2010

do not give them your bank details they took £49.95 from my accout without even askin me i havent signed up for a loan i was just lookin they got my details from a pay day application i made they have hounded me with text messages sayin that i need a guarentor, what for i dont know i do not want a loan...

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WWICS - The Immigration Help Center

September 29, 2010

Hello All, Myself Madan Kumar am very thankful to WWICS for my immigration to Canada. I registered with your Ludhiana Branch for Federal Investor Program Canada on 14th Mar 2009 and on 23 Feb, 2010 got my medicals for the same. I must thank the staffs at both Ludhiana and Mohali who were very...

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We Cosign Inc. - Scam

September 28, 2010

This company We Cosign states that they offer cosign services regardless of their credit. We went to their website and paid an application fee and we were never contacted by anyone from their office. We called repeatedly to try to get someone on the phone to discuss for an apartment that we were trying... - personal info

September 22, 2010

i am going through a divorice and there is personal info like phone numbers work phone numbers and false info about me i want this to be removed and block the person posting this i think its my ex get back to me asap allen shnitzer

FLM/City Finance etc - Text messages

August 31, 2010

In the last hour I had 5 text messages stating that my loan as been approved and to get in touch. I have call them 3 times and quoted CB6 as requested, after checking my name and address the questions started. " do you have a few minutes to go through your details" Why? You have my details!...

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PR visa 175 vehicle painter - delaid in process

August 17, 2010

I azimuddin sk applied for 175visa in 01july 2009 and I think it is being delaid to get my PRvisa to australia what are the reasons can you tale me, if realy there is any problem ,dont you have solution for that , as I know cant we apply for state sponsership with same IELTS report and same visa fees...

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Picerne Military Housing/Chuck Cavaretta - Bribery

August 11, 2010

I recently paid one the Picerne Military Housing Directors at Fort Riley in Kansas a $1, 000 "Consultant Fee" to get me on board and to get me some construction contracts there, he then informed me that because my EMR is 1.25 I am not eligible for working there evn though I had previously...

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