WWICS - WWICS – A Disgusting Experience

January 02, 2014

I have heard about lot of scams in my life but WWICS gave me a lifetime and unforgettable disgusting experience of their pathetic services. At the time of receiving money from people they have a smile on their face and when they have to refund money to the same people, their courtesy just vanishes...

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Alex Jankuv - fraudulent supporter

May 23, 2013

Alex Jankuv is the worst support person ever - do not hire him! He used to work for and it he almost ruined the reputation of this company with his work - he was unable to provide adequate service. When I dealt with this company I used to contact Alex about support service but after I send...

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Alexander Jankuv - The worst support service ever

May 23, 2013

Beware of Alexander Jankuv - this person is the worst supporter ever! Alexander Jankuv works for and he doesn't provide a support services as he has to. I used to be a customer of and I've sent many tickets to their support with requests and about problems with their...

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Autumnbreezek9's Della Monroe - Ripoff Report

February 03, 2013

*** Della Monroe Autumnbreezek9's see make sure that you read the whole complaint*** Dated 2/25/12 If you deal with Della this is what you can expect,

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Ocean Dental Cancun - Bad Dental Care

May 17, 2012

I had a horrible experience with Dentistar in Mexico, and would advise others to run from them. They are very skilled at using the Internet for their benefit, but they do not have the training and skills for dental implants.

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Ocean Dental Cancun - Dentistar Dr. Menendez Unprofessional

May 14, 2012

17 of Feb 2012 I had some work done in cancun stetic implant centre. I had 4 mini implants put in. I was in so much pain for 3 and a half grulling hrs. The docktor asked me can u feel this. And he continued (What a question) I was almost out of my seat. After about 3 weeks I called back saying 1 implant...

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CanCun Clinic Ocean Dental Hotel zone - Bad Dentist

May 12, 2012

This is the worth clinic ever! I have spent there like half of my day and there was so much pain while they were doing my Bridge. I not suggest you to go there for anything. You will loose your time, money and health. You will not save there what so ever. Especially big “thanks” for Dr. Irma Gavaldon....

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careers plus resumes - unprofessional and inadequate

April 12, 2012

I recently employed Justin Olsen and "Drew" at Careers Plus Resume. I ordered the entire package. The "linked in" purchase was a joke!!!! It was very basic and elementary. I updated it myself and received numerous calls from recruiters. All of the recruiters asked for the resume,...

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Thibodeaux Plumbing Co., Inc - Scammed by YMG Publications

January 31, 2012

For a year now these people have harrassed me saying that I agreed to this service. I am not even allowed to give authorization to such purchases. My boss makes these decisions so for them to say that I was the one who purchased these services is a LIE!!!!!! I keep getting invoices with an increasing...

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Xcomplaints - FLM loans

December 27, 2011

MY complaint is about the ridiculous clowns who make complaints on this site. Such as this thread here It drains me of all my living spirit to read this wretched nonsense. Read through it yourself, surely some of you...

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MITSOT - not giving degrees

January 01, 2014

such a stupid place. i cannot pronounce it as college. i m married n alone in family to earn livlihood . batch 09-11 but they r not giving me degree. m going to approach national news channel

2 Responses - worst customer support ever!!

May 23, 2013

I am currently using Hostnine's hosting and I am extremely disappointed with their customer support they are providing. I became their client recently and I am already regretting that. I had problems with my Cloud VPS Free Double RAM service and had to post a ticket. I have to say I am not a professional...

5 Responses - not what it claims to be, no support service at all

May 23, 2013

Beware of and better avoid any business with this company. It claims to be a hosting company but it is a scam! I received my worst customer experience dealing with them and I will never recommend their so-called services to anyone! The main problem is that they offer 24/7 "fantacstic...

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Della Monroe - Autumnbreezek9s

February 03, 2013


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Ocean Dental Cancun - Dentistar Scams Mexico Cancun

May 14, 2012

I went to Dentistar as an emergency referral as my office is without a dentist, I went two time assuming that they were going to pull the tooth that was hurting, after paying 250.00 upon my arrival for the second appointment, they just had the periodontist take x-rays and give me drugs for the tooth...

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Ocean Dental Cancun - CanCun Clinic Ocean Dental Hotel zone

May 14, 2012

This is the worth clinic ever! I have spent there like half of my day and there was so much pain while they were doing my Bridge. I not suggest you to go there for anything. You will loose your time, money and health. You will not save there what so ever. Especially big “thanks” for Dr. Irma Gavaldon....

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Ocean Dental Cancun Mexico - Dentistar is the worth clinic ever

May 11, 2012

Went in for normal 6 month cleaning, NEVER miss. I have arrived early but they they kept me waiting for my 8:45 appointment until almost 9:15. Then instead of the normal cleaning/evaluation, x rays the "hygienist" said I had to get up out of the chair (with the ridiculous napkin around my neck)before...

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Rhea Baker with State Farm in Vienna Virginia - Horrible Customer Service

February 26, 2012

I had my auto insurance with Rhea Baker of State Farm in Vienna Virginia. The day came when I had a car accident and needed to file a claim. I called her for help after this unfortunate experience and she ignored my messages. When I finally got her on the line (by blocking my number) she said to me...

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Red Bow Photo - Non Payment

December 27, 2011

Everyone who has a problem with Red Bow needs to send emails, letters and phone calls to the Sports Teams listed above and tell them about Red Bow ask that Red Bow be banned from their Arenas until they pay their people. Lets hit them where it hurts. Lets bombard the sports teams. I just sent emails...

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ymg publications yellow page networks - harassment

November 07, 2011

Company offered Free listing in yellow pages to an intern and then demanded payment. They are sending ever increasing bills (almost doubling the original "rate") and call alternatingly screaming they will put me into collections and cajoling me to pay to prevent credit harm. I have told them...

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