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FLM - Gurantor - FLM
2011-08-08 15:10:37 by Cynthia
I beccame a gurantor for the above company and for a while everything was fine. But, the lady whos loan it was closed the account accidently and I was getting harrassement from texts and phone calls. well, she opened another account and was pying the load off regularly but in the meantime they have/had...
Consulting - Fraud and lies
2011-07-24 19:26:42 by Jayanthi
We recently started seeing a lot of false complaints about our company showing up while doing a google or bing search. All of them posted in ONE site called, we were a little baffled and also posted providing contact information in the post asking people posting there to call us, as...
Joann Shields Attorney at Law in Utah - Money taken from client
2011-05-03 20:09:30 by Citizen of Utah
Joann Shields has posted saying she has harmed no consumer and practices consumer protection law. Please see her client's claims against her taking his money as an attorney and disappearing in Third District Court case 084900471. Deann Croft Edwards v. Terrell Edwards. The client lost his divorce...
Shields Law Firm, P.C. - Abuse, Defamation and Retaliation
2011-04-29 13:32:39 by Joann Shields
I am an attorney who posted some statements correcting false information about my client on The anonymous posters who published the false information retaliated by posting defamatory information about me on I am not a company engaging in consumer fraud; I am not...
Julia Forte - Harrassment and Slander
2011-03-03 18:42:56 by Ken French
Julia Forte of in Holly Springs, North Carolina allowed false complaints about me to be posted on her website, refused to take them down, added more of her own, and then tried to blackmail me to have them removed. I own my own construction company. I am not a telemarketer and have never...
WHITE SHARK MARINE ACADEMY - People Working here are cheaters...
2011-02-04 03:36:10 by naina
The director of the company Rajesh Tiwari and the other partner Rishi, these guyz have opened two companies one is WHITE SHARK MARINE ACADEMY and the other is Pacific Overseas on the same floor.The complete address of these culprits is WHITE SHARK MARINE ACADEMY O – 9, Second Floor. Lajpat Nagar...
GDS - Ex employee claims 800 notes Julia Forte possibly extorting money
2010-12-28 23:03:37 by Cuddlebuck Bill
Are Negative posts causing problems for you and your business? Based on this article from someone who says they worked for 800 notes, they claim 800 notes is a complete scam. Please Read here! Please Read here! Ex...
WWICS - Fraud.
2010-12-23 11:52:47 by Nitin Sharma
I have sent number of mails to Customer care Manager WWICS mohali and to the Branch Manager and Mr Rashim of Jalandhar branch for intimating me about the outcome of my refund after my case was closed with CHC, but till date I have not been updated about the outcome of my refund case, even the direction...
We Cosign Inc. - Scam
2010-09-28 12:03:34 by Jim Brown
This company We Cosign states that they offer cosign services regardless of their credit. We went to their website and paid an application fee and we were never contacted by anyone from their office. We called repeatedly to try to get someone on the phone to discuss for an apartment that we were trying...
Picerne Military Housing/Chuck Cavaretta - Bribery
2010-08-11 14:12:47 by Stealth Service
I recently paid one the Picerne Military Housing Directors at Fort Riley in Kansas a $1, 000 "Consultant Fee" to get me on board and to get me some construction contracts there, he then informed me that because my EMR is 1.25 I am not eligible for working there evn though I had previously...
Julia Forte - - and Scam
2010-04-13 13:16:35 by Julia Forte-Cheat,Scammer and Corporate Thief
I am one of the previous employees of the am letting the common public know about my first hand experience at the company.I was hired as a fresher and right on the very first day I was told how the whole scam works.The company head- Julia Forte makes it a point that the strategy is...
Justin Olsen, President & CEO of Careers Plus Resumes, Inc. - Treats to their customers - Justin Olsen, President & CEO of Careers Plus Resumes, Inc. - Treats to their customers
2010-01-15 01:26:16 by James
Sending treats to the customers demanding to remove their complaints about the scam services of Careers Plus Resumes, Inc. - is scam! Stay away!
Laptop Problem - Laptop Problem
2010-01-15 00:12:06 by Proshanta Roy
Sir, I brought a Lenovo laptop model no 3000 G 430 (4152 ACQ) with serial no EB11562012 from Supreme Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 35, Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata - 12(Near Indian Airlines City Office) with retail invoice no. STPL/03190/2009-2010 Dtd 08/05/09, DO no. 3223. Few days back I found some colour...
2010-01-15 00:05:38 by Jania
Citizen Dental Clinic - Founder of citizen dental clinic - complaints about the quality of dental care in India
2009-12-24 00:33:43 by Brij
Founder of citizen dental clinic complaints about the quality of dental care in India and feels that a regulatory body and certain fixed norms to maintain the standardization will be mandatory. Clinical standards in dentistry are constantly developing. As a dental professional, you are responsible...
Citizen Dental Clinic - Dental Implant Malpractice
2009-11-30 12:22:14 by Tammy Duong
It is with immense disappointment, distress and annoyance that I submit this complaint to you and your Association. I am an international patient from Canada, and September 2008 I came to Mumbai, India to have dental implants and restorations at Citizen Dental clinic (, by...
WWICS - Fraud
2009-10-05 09:58:37 by John Mathew
iam a real victim of wwics fraud, i also paid 1, 25000 rupees for candian work permit visa(for the post of the assistant manager )as per wwics advertisement, i went to Trivandrum branch and collected all the information about this visa processing.intially they told met that only 6 months processing time,...
Duke Energy - Refuse to install a line surge protector
2009-09-25 13:20:38 by Karen Parker
The following events portray one example of how Duke Energy seems to be actively engaged in the process of undermining access to alternative energy for people of moderate to lower income levels. One possible objective of this behavior is to allow them to maintain their practical monopoly of energy...
Allconnect - bad service
2009-08-24 01:13:32 by Scott Wood
I was in the process of buying a new home and after talking to consumers energy to have the power switched to my name, they asked me if I would like the call to be directed to Allconnect for additional packages. When the call was transferred a man told me that charter was available in the area and was...
Justin Olsen, President & CEO of Careers Plus Resumes, Inc. - Treats to their customers
2009-08-16 05:24:31 by James
Sending treats to the customers demanding to remove their complaints about the scam services of Careers Plus Resumes, Inc. - is scam! Stay away!


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