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2009-07-28 05:50:46 by None
The company All Connect is a rip off, they do not treat their employees good at all. I worked there and while adjusting to their "business style" which I didn't like. They had employees steal the customers social security numbers and credit card numbers. I refused to participate in any of that kind of behavior. I thought it was an okay job because it was a job in today's economy but when I finally found a different job and a better company to work for, I put in my two week notice and they DID NOT give me my last check. I had hourly and commission on that check and they did not pay me. I have contacted the Utah Labor Commission board to get my money and no word yet. They are a RIDICULOUS company. They are scam artists. Do NOT do anything with All Connect, I saw a lot of internal things that I did NOT agree with and most the consumers out there would not agree with it either. THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

All Connect is a company that power companies transfer over to so they can sell you phone, cable, internet and other home services. DO NOT USE ALL CONNECT if you are ever transferred over to them from your power company (typically when you are moving). They will address them selves as "All Connect" or "Dominion Power "CONNECTIONS", they usually use your power companies name and then add "Connections" on to it. DO NOT USE ALL CONNECT!!! THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

All Connect /
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2009-08-10 15:00:14 by jennbeez
OK I won't use them but I must say you sound like a disgruntled employee who didn't get all that POed about their business practices until they ripped *you* off.
2009-09-14 21:34:02 by scott
he speaks the truth. not a disgruntled employee here, but a disgruntled customer, signed up for a internet/phone/dtv bundle from them. been a total nightmare. charged twice what i signed up for, noone there will help. avoid at all costs!
2010-01-11 21:44:49 by banana911
All connect is a good company..if a customer is billed twice it isn't because of the allconnect.. Allconnect can't take money out of the customer's account, the provider like att verizon qwest comcast.etc.. are the only ones that can use that billing information and charge you. 99.99 percent of customer don't ever have a problem with their orders and have no complaints and found the sevice very helpful in getting them the utilites they need. And as a customer service rep who worked there the majority of calls we get are for changing install dates, changing something on their modem.. Maybe a provider had a problem with the order we set up. or the customer wants to cancel for some reason which we are more obliged to do.. So spare me the comments about how you hate allconnect. your probably weren't listen correctly when information was told over the phone... and always with big companies you have to weed out the problems and stay with the good.. good companies tweek their practices to find the best way to do business. they are honest, trustworthy and a great company to use if you don't want to search around for the best deal
2010-02-16 18:50:40 by Michael007
Interesting that the only positive response comes from someone who is working there! Answer this for me then: Once I was transferred over by my power company, the All Connect rep started asking me for details ABSOLUTELY unneccessary for changing my service over... Why on earth do they need my birth date, my social security number, etc?!? Fortunately, I was wise enough to get off the phone before giving out too much info or wasting any more of my time. The rep claimed that AT&T pays them to switch my service over... if that's so, then why was he asking me all kinds of questions about my service? If you're working with AT&T you should already know that! And even if you don't -AT&T does - so you don't need that info to get me switched! It was a ploy to get the details and sell me on something. Scam or not - it was most certainly a waste of my time!
2010-05-14 11:13:08 by Lalexa
ok, angry ppl...first the only reason why they ask u all that information is to put it in the order...if u are going to place one, and saying they work for att or any other provider is true, but they have no access to the providers data bases, this is why they do not have your personal information in hand, the way it works, is like give them the info, and they foward your info to the specific provider, they only have access to the providers intalls callendar. It is a very uneffective way to connect your services because the dates that they have availible are usually later than calling the provider directly. As far as steeling your information, I used to work for them in Atl, and I worked for this company for over 3 yrs, so I ran all the bases, once your information is place on the system we can no longer see it, if u fax any kind of document, it gets destroyed in the next 24 hours. Now I no longer work for them because, when they open the call center in Utah, half of Atl employess were laid off, cuse the ppl in Utah will take a job for $8 an hour, wile here they have to pay us at least $12 an hour...downsizing...then they open a call center in some island in the caribean and the entire dept when to hell...them ppl never got trained the correct far as your check is concer..go to your local dept of labor and file a complain!!! BTW it was a pleasure working in this compani wile it lasted...and I never scamed any one into buying anything....on the contrary I was transfer to CSR cuse I sucked as a sales person..I m not good at trying to persuade ppl.
2010-07-28 15:24:30 by Frank
Allconnect gets money from whatever cable / phone company They sign you up for... Your power company gets money from each call that is successfully transferred to however much money they get from those cable / phone companies must be a lot more than what they give to your power companies....they ask for your social and other info because THEY DONT HAVE IT YET....just your name which of course was given to them from the power they have you as customers pretty much for life whether you like it or not....last thing is that the reps at the power companies are forced to transfer you over, because of course it makes us we can use whatever wording necessary. The wording isn't reviewed, JUST OUR TRANSFER RATE! So next time you start/stop service with your power company and its all done and they want to transfer you / the call SOMEWHERE else, state clearly that you don't wish to be matter how pushy the csr's are!
2010-09-07 23:48:33 by Squire
First of all, I am entirely pissed off at CONSUMERS ENERGY in Michigan for even forwarding my call to these thieves to begin with - is it not enough that you charge insane rates and have a veritable MONOPOLY AND lobby to prevent the progress of alternate (and cheaper) energy - but you have to get every last little penny, which includes preying on my naivete? First of all, this is being absolutely rude to your customer and his/her privacy. If it were not for your disgustingly legal monopoly, I would seek an alternative energy provider. But secondly, to that patronizing, vapid customer service woman: no, I do not want television. There is nothing wrong with me. Not everyone wants to watch American Idol and Survivor and Jersey Shore, the epitome of American life... No, I do not want a stupid land line. I don't even know anyone with a land line anymore. And you act shocked? We are in a recession. And I can get wireless internet for less than $20 a month. Eventually in a minute internet access will be free. Not everyone can afford it and it the digital divide persists.
2010-09-20 15:50:42 by idiots
I wasn't sure who they were. I transfered my electric service and was directly connected to transfer my cable..through allconnect. I went ahead and did it thinking "might as well since I'm alreay on the phone". I spoke to some stupid women. She was nice..but dumb as a bag of rocks. She messed up on my new address. I didn't know it until I received the email. So then I called them back and had to wait for 1/2 an hour on hold to fix her mistake....she added a Jr. to my street address. Making it Dr Martin Luther King Jr St.' which is totally wrong. Once I connected with someone and told them the mistake; they corrected it and read it back to me to make sure it was correct. They guy on the phone read my new address as "Drive Martin Luther King Street", instead of Doctor Martin....Can you believe it? I told him to learn a bit of american history. I will NEVER use this stupid company again. They are just a middle man.
2011-02-17 22:35:05 by J Sky
I too had an extremely unpleasant experience with AllConnect today. I initially signed on for the service. When I tried to call and cancel the service, NONE of the service rep is willing to help. They're all very rude. The first guy I called, he said his name is Justin. Gave me the run around number to call to cancel the service. I knew he was giving me the run around, so I asked him if he's giving me the run around. He turned back and asked me, 'why would I give you the run around?" Can't believe how shameless they are.
Avoid this company at all cost!!!!!
2011-02-21 13:27:58 by Beth Talbot
We apologize for the experience you have had with Allconnect. This is not our normal procedure. We'd like to find out the specifics and find a resolution. Can you please email us at
2011-03-14 10:42:41 by Donna F
I have had a terrible experience with All Connect. I was also connected to them per my electrical company. I TOTALLY believe they are a SCAM company. I hold my electric company totally responsible. They need to monitoring the company and what information they give out. I was told a price for Direct TV and Internet on 2.28.2011 and I still have no after talking to the internet company, I was told I have to buy a modem for $100.00...there was no mention of buying a modem in the conversation with All Connect, plus they told me I would get 6 mg internet for $24.99 a month...Internet company said they don't even offer that speed in my area...that it would be 3 mg for $19.99. All Connect told me that my Direct TV would be $35.00 a month for one year for 210 channels, free HD for Life, ALL my local channels, installation fee waived, free HBO and Cinemax for 3 months and the price would go up to $45.00 after a year. Then talking to the Direct TV people, the price went to $45.99 a month they also said I get all my local channels and a processing fee of $21.60 would be added. I was charged $88.00 on my credit card plus the $21.60 and then I could not get all my local channels without buying 2 converter boxes and an outside antenna!!! I would not use All Connect again to save my life. TOTAL SCAM ARTISTS!!!!
2011-03-16 15:54:16 by Diana
My husband inquired of All Connect for Direct TV Bundles and told him he would have a land line speed of 6 mg but could not guarentee it. Friends of ours told us to keep with our current carrier whos speed is way faster. We were quoted a price of $45.95 for phone and internet. We were told we had to have a second line and another well-known phone company would install it. We had given all the info, including a visa number, and were told we had 30 days to decide. As soon as my husband found out info from our friends, he immediately called back and told this man he wanted to cancel and the man refused. My husband argued with him for 30 minutes or so and still he refused. My husband had to hang up and call the supervisor who kindly cancelled and gave us a cancellation number and said our $31.00 will be credited back to our card. I will definitely be watching. The entire episode from inquiry to cancelling took almost 2 hours. What the real problem now is today (7 days after cancelling), the phone company installed the cable for the 2nd line at our neighbors house, who wasn't home at the time. My neighbor, who had suffered a heart attack on the evening of our inquiry into direct tv, was pretty ticked off when she found her internet service/phone was messed up. Her bill was for her address and her current phone number; however, our name and phone number were on, too. This was no typo, because there is too much information and the bill and its not even similar! We do not use our neighbor for reference. I called the phone company and asked them how they received the "work order" and it was sent to them a few days after we cancelled. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and I have a copy of the bill. I called All Connect and the man who answered would not give me an address (he was probably the same man who refused to cancell for us) or phone number for the company. So thank you for adding that piece of information. I may go further if our money is not credited within 30 days and I will be watching my credit banking information closely. If I see problems I will take legal recourse. I forgot to say, I had to call the phone company myself and cancel my new phone number (that we did not order), that was hooked up to my neighbor's home who knew nothing about any of this. I was being billed without my approval. The phone company kindly cancelled.
2011-03-22 14:14:28 by William Vasquez
DONT use them.. They provide no service what so ever, All I needed was a letter for my address and PG&E transfered me over to them, they then acted like it is no problem getting that to me and it might take 45 mins. I tried this twice with them and 3 days no email. Contacted PG&E and they told me that they actually couldnt provide that even though they acted as if they could. Very shady/PG&E should be ashamed for whoring themselves out to this company. Even people at Comcast think they are shady.
2011-04-24 14:33:23 by Meme
If you take the time out to listen and see that that the people at allconnect are only trying to help you. Either they can transfer your current service to your new home or you can set up brand new service at a discounted rate. I worked for allconnect in atlanta and was very successful at it. I quit and put in a two week notice and got my commission and hourly so to the person complaining about their check, yes you should have went down to the dept of labor....and allconnect atlanta and utah ARE NOT the same....I loved the people there and no one in that entire building ever told me to steal socials or anything of that nature....hence the reason why we weren't allowed to have our cell phones anywhere near the sales floor or on the desk area. Its a stressful job bc of customers who complain and don't realize the structure....yes allconnect is the middle man but the company saves you time, if you are already on the phone with the power company, why not get your gas, cable, phone and internet switched over or hooked up as well. It saves time and in some cases saves you money, I remember plenty of customers who thanked me for lowering their bills by telling them about better plans then what they were receiving or already had. Oh yeah, I bet some of the companies will complain about allconnect employees! Thats bc we aren't bias and are going to tell you who REALLY has the best deal or best service....its the Expedia of cable, phone and internet. Get with it people, its a great company and thats why they reached well over expectations last year. The only complaint should be from the employees who work 9 or 10 hrs a day and only get 30 min lunch break with mandatory overttime. I hate when people complain but don't know what they are talking about or don't wait to see what the person on the other end has to say first. Don't get me wrong though, there are some stupid people who don't do their job properly, but thats everywhere and they should be fired indeed.
2011-05-27 20:09:45 by Ricky Bobby
ALLCONNECT IS NOT A SCAM!!!!!!!! No one at the company cares about your card, social security number, or DOB. Because 90% of you are BROKE and lie about having a previous bill. Yes I agree that the break should be longer for the guy who worked there but the reason the services were connected at the wrong address is because you probably were not paying attention when the rep called back the address. Also, AllConnect does not sign up your DTV the actual company does that when they transfer you over to the representative. And of course they tell you PLUS TAXES and SURCHARGES so the difference in price is probably taxes and surcharges. This is a great company and they will tell you who is the cheapest provider. Some people are so freaked out about giving someone their information that ACTUALLY works in AMERICA that they go through the provider and pay more plus Allconnect in required to follow all of the FCC regulations to secure your information. Seriously there is like what less than 50 complaints on here? This company takes hundreds of thousands of calls everyday, saves consumers money, and if a provider thinks the company is a rip off then why do they partner with them? This company is completely fair and cannot sign you up for anything unless you authorize it. I also wanted to say if you did not want to talk to them just hang up! Why stay on the line? I know why, because you know that the company can save you time and money and you just want to hear the right price. Yeah right like you have ever heard of a company that is allowed to hang up on you. If you do not want to be transferred over just hang up before they even transfer you. Suit yourself though because this company saved me over $400.00 my first year at my new home and the man on the phone called me back to make sure I sent in my lease information because Comcast HAD TO HAVE IT. Lol more like they just wanted me to cancel and go with the promotion through them so they do not have to pay allconnect their cut. Lol and the worst thing is that if it were not for Allconnect I would have left them and went to a different provider. So Comcast can just deal with it because this company has the ability to just sign the people up for Fiber Optics which is better than cable anyways and they do partner with the company so..... I am even an AT&T employee so I considered moving just so that I could get AT&T Fiber Optics and leave Comcast. ALSO you all are stupid consumers because this company creates healthy competition this makes providers lower their prices. This is the reason you can get TV, Phone, and Internet for less than $100.00! Monopolies make prices higher not lower and the companies do not even have a monopolist approach on you during sales if you speak to AllConnect because they compare products and prices and do not bash other providers! AllConnect tells you what is available at your area and they is it!
2011-05-27 20:17:23 by @William Vasquez
@William Vasquez:
They do provide services. They partner with all of the major providers world wide. Not just your little Comcast and PG&E. They are the big dogs that can sign you up for any major provider in America. So take your Comcast paycheck and shut it. I know you work for them and you're just mad because All Connect takes your sales! Not the companies sales but your sales as an individual!
2011-06-23 23:40:46 by don't be fooled
From my very poor experience with Allconnect today, my advice to anyone would be to totally avoid speaking and dealing with these people.

After transferring electric service to my new place this afternoon, I was automatically connected to a representative that was supposedly there to verify that the new service was set-up correctly. This representative turned out to be a salesperson from Allconnect that basically lied throughout the entire 20+ minute conversation to try to get me to sign up for additional services through them. I *should* have realized she was dishonest the second she tried to sell me 12 Mbps Verizon DSL service, which I already knew was not available, but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt (silly me - not hanging up right then and there ended up costing me a lot of wasted time and aggravation). So finally, I agreed to sign up for 15 Mbps Time Warner Broadband service for $35/month with a $30 installation charge. When I picked up the confirmation email this evening, however, I realized that they were only offering 7 Mbps service, which is actually not a deal at all. I can get the exact same service/deal directly through Time Warner with free installation. So, I had to spend another 20 minutes or so waiting to speak with an Allconnect customer service rep to cancel my order, and after all that, they told me I still had to call Time Warner myself to actually cancel the order. This process wasted another half-hour of my time as the Allconnect rep gave me the wrong Time Warner number and I had to wait on the line and be transferred a bunch of times. At the end of the day, instead of saving me time and money, Allconnect wasted over an hour of my time and tried to charge me more money for something I could have easily done online in about 5 minutes. I'll have to remember to thank FirstEnergy for connecting me with them...yeah right.

Save yourself the hassle, time, and money by doing a little research yourself and dealing directly with the service providers rather than going through Allconnect which is basically a middle-man that brokers a bad deal for you.
2011-08-20 14:35:32 by Allconnect agent
I'm an Allconect agent and we HAVE to offer all those products and push people to buy and if we don't and our sales aren't at their goal every week, we get fired. They have the worse turn over rate and every week, have new hires. We do get paid for only 2% of the sales we sale over our 100% goal. And even you tell your electric company you don't want to be transferrred they will still transfer you regardless cause your power company rep gets a comission on every customer they transfer to us. And it makes me mad when they have transferred a customer over when they had said no and the customer is telling ME off. If it was just more customer service, I would love the job, but I don't like being a "bully" if Allconnect doesn't change they are gonna loose their contracts.

And yes, some of the agents try to scam you just to be in the top 10. and the way they treat their employees is HORRIBLE. I worked 3 11 hour shifts last week with only 2 breaks and a 30 min lunch. and when I tried to take an hour, they got on me and said I wasn't adhering to my schedule.
2013-09-17 20:44:13 by allconnect agent
I currently work for allconnect. Some consultants aren't doing their job if you are having a bad experience. Allconnect as well as Power Companies, car dealerships, all have multiple complaints of BAD SERVICE!! Allconnect is actually here to provide you a free service and discounts that you wont get else where sometimes. Yes we are asking your information to determine how and IF we can help. Sometimes Im able to help people set up new services and transfer current services. The power and/or gas companies are suppose to prep the customer as to who were are. There are mandatory disclosures and procedures that we must follow that are given by these providers such as DIRECTV, DISH NETWORK, COMCAST, & ATT and plenty other providers. We stand behind the major companies. If things aren't done the correct way people loose their jobs because we deal with personal information. Yes we cannot have our cell phones on the floor and there are so many stipulations that we must abide by in order to keep our jobs. We are actually better than the provider directly because we are about what you save not who you choose. No matter what, if there is a order placed WITHOUT authorization than we are immediately fired. They play no games. Our techniques are no different than when I called DISH Network! If people didn't have NASTY attitudes when on the phone you could probably understand the representative and what they are trying to do for you. Like other guy mentioned, if you do not want to hear anything else don't sit through the call. just be polite and let them know that you only want your confirmation # and that is it they will leave you alone because whether you decide to or not doesn't matter to us. Thank you, I help people everyday and they are very thankful. Those who don't want the services I do not badger them. I simply thank them for calling and we simply depart!
2014-11-01 23:36:12 by inquisitive
Miserable experience with AllConnect. I won't go into bait and switch details because the above posts seem to suffice. I just want to point out that 100% of comments are extremely negative aside from a few AllConnect employees. Even mediocre businesses get a couple positive patron comments. Not AllConnect... bunch of legends...


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