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2009-07-28 05:50:46 by None
The company All Connect is a rip off, they do not treat their employees good at all. I worked there and while adjusting to their "business style" which I didn't like. They had employees steal the customers social security numbers and credit card numbers. I refused to participate in any of that kind of behavior. I thought it was an okay job because it was a job in today's economy but when I finally found a different job and a better company to work for, I put in my two week notice and they DID NOT give me my last check. I had hourly and commission on that check and they did not pay me. I have contacted the Utah Labor Commission board to get my money and no word yet. They are a RIDICULOUS company. They are scam artists. Do NOT do anything with All Connect, I saw a lot of internal things that I did NOT agree with and most the consumers out there would not agree with it either. THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

All Connect is a company that power companies transfer over to so they can sell you phone, cable, internet and other home services. DO NOT USE ALL CONNECT if you are ever transferred over to them from your power company (typically when you are moving). They will address them selves as "All Connect" or "Dominion Power "CONNECTIONS", they usually use your power companies name and then add "Connections" on to it. DO NOT USE ALL CONNECT!!! THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

All Connect /
St. George / Atlanta Georgia, Utah
United States
Phone: 435 634 8900
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2016-01-19 21:07:42 by Dave
I was referred to Allconnect through my military bank, USAA, which advertised them specifically on their website and showed the USAA Name and Emblem even after transferring to Allconnect. I am trying to determine what legal action I can take against this company for placing a 24 month contract with Dish network without my permission (which the company themselves has admitted was based on lies their rep is documented making in the recorded conversation I had, which he said I could order service without contract) only to learn they ran my credit, and signed me up for 24 month contract against my will, despite even they admitting I repeatedly stated I did not want to sign up for any service with a contractual obligation, which I only learned after the service was installed when the installer asked me to sign paperwork showing a 24 month contract, which of course I refused to sign and took photos of the unsigned documentation). What is worse, is after learning this, I have spent over 10 hours (well documented by recorder telephone calls and online IM conversation unable to get Allconnect to resolve the issue, or pay for the fees caused by their fraud, which has also left us without the ability to use our existing cable for 2 weeks)! Please, if anyone can help direct me where to file charges and/or what type of charges can be filed, it would be greatly appreciated as what is worse the this well documented fraud, is the condescending manner Allconnect has handled the situation, even after acknowledging in recorded conversation and in writing what they did!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated to ensure this company is not permitted to continue to behave with such wonton disregard for customers or the law, or accept responsibility for resolving the problems they single handedly create!
2016-09-29 12:48:39 by sara johnson
I recently transferred my cable over with my electric when i moved. I used AllConnect to transfer my cable. The agent i worked with explained the bronze bundle for cox (89.99) he told me i would be paywing close to $116.00 a month (what we were paying before. He never mentioned we would be in a 2-year contract, nor did he get me to electronically sign for a contract. Now i am paying 143 a month on something i cannot get out of. I had the call pulled and they determined that the guy did not tell me about a contract and that he accepted that i thought the plan was cheaper as his way of signing me into a contract. AllConnect will be hearing from my lawyer.
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2017-05-24 21:12:55 by sss
THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY. DO NOT USE THEM. Placed the order two hours ago after the local gas company transferred me at the end of the call. When I hit "DirectStarTV" instead of DirecTV I knew it was bogus. And now I am trying to cancel the order. NO CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING. One hour on the phone, 7 representatives and all I get is that the orders have already been placed soI have to call Spectrum and DirectStarTV myself to cancel them. CRIMINAL.
2017-09-07 17:39:43 by LonelyHomosapien
Guys, I'm genuinely scared. Has anyone actually noticed signs of a scam artist utilizing the personal information given to AllConnect? Because I fell for their shtick, and I'm practically having a heart attack over here about my personal information being given to someone. My experience wasn't bad per se, but I was signed up for a package I concluded I didn't need, and there's no sign of the package coming up for Comcast, or XFINITY to cancel . I'm really worried, and I don't know what to do or how to cancel.
2018-01-10 02:34:27 by Andryrulky
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2018-05-03 15:19:33 by zak
this company sucks, i moved and AEP transferred me to them, they told me that they worked with spectrum and that they would transfer my internet service to the new house for free. Well later on they cancelled my internet installation saying i owed $180 in late payments, so i gave them my credit info to pay the bill and they rescheduled the installation, on the install day no one showed up so i called Allconnect and they said that someone should have been there, i called spectrum and talked to lots of different reps who had no idea who Allconnect was and that my late payment fee had not been paid. I called Allconnect and told them what was going on and they just played dumb and kept trying to get me to pay another late fee and move on with the process, they were ignoring everything i was saying to them. now on the up side i never got a charge for the $180 but on the down side there is someone at Allconnect that has all of my information


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