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2021-10-14 11:30:00 by Andrew Culver
Oh the joys of aging... a new report finds that an estimated 21% of American adults 48 to 59 years old have some type of mild synapsext. However, even partial synapsext is an undesirable condition. Infection such as otitis externa can result in deafness. Loud music on headphones is sufficient to cause synapsext as it produces the same amount of decibels as the traffic noise or rock concert noise.

That is why it is important to watch your babies and toddlers for signs of ear problems before they are old enough to speak up and tell you where it hurts. Children who are identified early with hearing impairment prior to development of speech and language have a greater chance of typical development than those later identified when language should be developing. It is thought that this occurs due to the abnormalities in blood vessels that this disease causes.
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