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2011-05-09 15:39:49 by a person in the world
Cwynar Eva MD
465 N Roxbury Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Neighborhood: Beverly Hills
(310) 271-5438

As Lissa L. says on Yelp "This one is only interested in her own fame and $$$." I agree! She overcharged me hundreds of dollars and did not even spend enough time with me to get a
complete medical history. She interrupted such that I was unable to give her the medical
information that she needed to make an accurate diagnosis of me and she then started to
try to tell me that my family members who had cancer should go to The Gerson Institute
( and get treatment there. I tried to tell her that I did not come to hear about
medical treatment that has no research or evidence behind it and that I was confused as to
why she was giving me medical advice re: my family members when they were not her patients.

Dr. Cwynar Eva MD only spent a half hour with me and charged me almost $800. Dr. Cwynar Eva MD then tried to get another $1,000 out of me as well by asking me to put my credit card number
on a form so that she may bill an unspecified amount. Her office staff then explained that they do not bill insurance but then insisted on taking a copy of my medical insurance card. She rushed me out of her office before she has a complete medical history and then had her office staff do medical labs/tests that were not needed and that were invalid. They failed to tell me that these blood draws needed to be on empty stomach and blamed me for not knowing. Then they misinterpreted these medical results as well. They failed to return my phone calls when I tried to discuss this matter with them and asked for a refund. When I finally reached the office staff and tried to discuss these issues with them they made threats against me. They have no empathy. Stay away from Cwynar Eva MD as she and her office staff are unprofessional and do not provide satisfactory medical services.
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2011-08-09 01:27:11 by Bad service
she did the exact same thing to me! Did you get your money back or report her to the medical board or the better business bureau? & I am going to report her big time as I want my $ back. She needs to be stopped! Please feel to contact me should you want to team up.
2015-08-01 10:46:43 by Bahdim
Articles like this really grease the shafts of kneodelgw.
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