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2010-04-26 12:48:11 by hihohi

When I was 17 (I am now 21) I joined a talent agency (Oz castings) as an extra/ casting model. I was told to give $390 to a man, Thomas Jones to get photos done. It was all very hurried and looking back, very unprofessional. I did not hear from this "agency" again even when I would try and contact them (him). I tried to forget about it until recently, I went back on the website and I'm still featured in their extras section (along with more than a hundred other poor innocent girls I KNOW have been robbed by this money sucking creep). I simply wanted to be taken off the site, but all they say is; "we will look into" my profile, then they tried to bring me on the set of a feature film Thomas Jones is making (directing). I refused and again asked to be taken off the website to no avail or response. Might I also mention that this man Thomas Jones, is most definitely funding he's feature film with the money he is getting from adding these poor girls (and boys) to his "agency", so if he has for example 200 (it is actually a lot more) people in his agency then he would have 200 x $390= $78, 000, for doing absolutely NOTHING! I can't believe how unprofessional this "agency" is. Most agencies do not even ask for money for photos initially if they choose to represent you.

I haven't told anyone about this because i am embarrassed about being jibbed, therefore I don't know my rights. If there is any advice you can give me to tackle this problem it would be greatly appreciated! I can forward my correspondence with the agency if that would help to understand my problem more. Please help me

Here is he's website address:

If you are thinking of joining this agency I would stay well away.

Thank you so much for your time :)
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2010-04-26 12:48:40 by bollo
HI im a 17 yr old male and iv had a very similar experience with this con artist that you have. when i first got in contact with him i was only 16 yrs old, im now nearly 18. I was sucked right in with his lies and promises of lots of work. I aspire to become an actor its been my dream since i was young so i was very eager and didnt think twie about paying 380 dollars for photos and a spot on his website which i never got. 2 yrs later and im still not on there. One thing i did get tho was a small role in his film fight to glory i played a carachter with a few lines. this was around early last year and his still making this movie.I belive he is making the process go as long as he can to make As much money as he can. dont be sucked in with his promises and lies stay right away from him. he also runs this buisness by himself aso he charges whatever price he wants. one little girl was charged 1500 to join and she only got an extra role in the movie. I would like some advice, if any one can tell me some good agencies to join up with.
2010-04-28 21:06:07 by puddles
2010-05-10 11:49:07 by ???
Hi Everyone...I am 21 years old and came across Thomas Jones last year/director OZ CASTINGS . Had an appointment at his office/house. Had to pay approx $250 for a photo shoot. That exact day Thomas contacted me stating that he is in a process of filming a movie call "Fight for glory" and would love if I could me in it "creep" For me to come to the office with white dresses! Really excited
When I got there it seemed very unprofessional and wanted to get out of there. He was playing ridiculous jokes one of them he pulled out a GUN and yelled out bang...scared the shit out of me and started to Laugh. Then said for me to relax and wanted me to go up stairs and then he would take me out to dinner. I call my dad to come and meet me because I was really nervous. Didn't tell my dad because he would of came in.
A week later I get a email to go to this pub where they will be screening a scene with Alfonzo and Jr lester. I was a extra in the background with the two. There where about 10 extra that night and mostly all young girls. I made friends and started to communicate about the payments etc...A young guy payed $500 and a young girl payed $300. So I realized that he was charging a different amount. We didn't leave until 12.00 pm and had been there since like 3.00pm. He was very rude to the makeup artists and all the co-workers.Yelling an screaming. He was also picking an choosing who was getting drinks for. I left that night never to go back again. I contacted him the next day and asked when the payments would be put through and had stated that that was only a learning experience. My father had to contact him to get some sort of pay as I do have a child and didn't need to waste my time with that "creep". Boys & especially girls be careful because he says he can make you but brakes you.
2010-05-10 11:50:10 by V.F.
It was only 2 years ago when I had contact with Thomas and this agency. He asked me to meet him for an initial interview. Because I had found this agency through a web search I'm very cautious and googled the address and saw that it was a house not an office.

Because of this a had one of my friends come with me and wait in the car. I had told him my friend was waiting so he knew I wouldn't stay long. He took some inital photos of me, made me 'flirt' into the camera. I felt very uncomfortable doing this - if you've ever met him you'd know the bad vibe he sends out, but thought maybe I was reading too much into it.

He had asked me to come back the next day to meet the photographer. I did end up going back and poked my head in the door and saw a female photographer and another couple of girls there, so felt safe. I hardly spoke to Thomas that day and just dealt with the photographer. Just had a few photos taken in my jeans and tshirt - Nothing weird. So when I left there I thought it was an okay day.

But then about 10 minutes later I get a text message from him saying "Are you free for dinner tonight doll?"... and I just though ewwwww gross!. So I text back "Are you asking me on a personal or business level?" and I never heard from him again - THANK GOD!!
2010-05-16 03:01:23 by Mark

From the forum posts l have looked at on this site, my overview is well 90% of what you are going on with makes no sense at all. Please advise your level of experience in this industry. Do you have a show reel. My honest and professional opinion is nothing has been done wrong here, in fact you were given a chance. The fact of the matter is you did not cut the mustard so to speak.

No offense intended please. This industry is not for everybody, no hankies are handed out.
2010-05-23 10:57:42 by vince
pfft?is it not obvious he is just ripping people off?he makes you pay a large sum of money promises you all these roles that he will give you then you never hear from him again...if you look on the actors alliance site it tells you the standard rate actors and extras are meant to be paid regardless of if you have a show reel. I did an audition for him to get my role and he said i was good...which was his little way of seeing if i did "cut the mustard". but after my small role in fight to glory he promised me a role as an extra in a movie then on the date i contacted him to confirm and he denied saying that he had ever said it. Legitimate aginces take a percentage of earnings from your work,they dont make you pay 200-1,500 for a spot on a website and roles as extras. What i have just said relates to my personal experience and there used to be a forum about him with about 100 similar stories but it got shut down. Also on another site there were complaints about what he does but he got them shut down...his reputation got that bad he changed from oz castings to oz management group.So in my opinion there is alot being done wrong.
2010-05-25 20:07:37 by Aron Mance

Hello Vince,

Yes l understand this is not your real name most underground stalkers change there names. As to Oz management Group, this has always been our parent business, as they say intelligence is a gift.
You also seem to obsessed with Thomas. You are not a professional actor by any stretch of the imagination. Simply a bitter person who get's joy on the net.

Be advised our entertainment lawyer Con Vat shall be obtaining your details from this server and you shall be sued for defamation and marketing damages. Be advised we also no who you are.

Aron Mance ( 2AD )
2010-05-28 06:04:17 by jmt
Thomas Jones is a scam artist! His a low life creep and i regret the time i wasted on his "projects".. Ive kept in contact with especially one other girl i met on his set "fight to glory" and we haven't received photos, payments nothing!!! I paid money for "actors equity" which was total bullshit. The thing that makes me upset the most is i actually gave that creep money that could of been best spent on my child. My experience with him was unpleasant..he made horrible remarks about my boyfriend, he was sleazy and arrogant. I never signed up for the "experience"..I didn't need the experience, if i did it for the "experience" it wasn't a pleasant one. I would STRONGLY advise that any aspiring actor/model steer clear of this man.
2010-05-28 08:41:57 by jess
I agree, this scam artist Thomas Jones charged me $450 for professional photos to be taken and be added to his website. It turned out to be a 10min photo shoot taken in the lane way he live in. It took months of calling and emailing him to get put up on his site. When i said i wasn't happy with him or his scamming business, he said i he wasn't going to put me up on his site and i couldn't do anything about it. I contacted consumer affairs and they recommended i file a complaint. They also said it would be better if other people also did this. So i think if you are as pissed off as i am, we can do this together and all be in for a chance of getting our money back.
2010-06-04 10:06:51 by Phil Smith
Wow, i cant believe u young people have been soo badly deceived by Oz Castings with their promises of work and how great u r going to be and all the stories of how u will get plenty of work and yr money back in no time.. it's all bullshit designed to get u to part with yr money and it's primarily how these agencies get their money. They r simply a bunch of con artists. I'm a 51 yo male and I have recently joined an 'agency' and of course I was told much the same thing that there would be work for me and other anecdotal stories of how other newly joined members have been getting heaps of work and some r now on tv soaps etc. etc.. I knew i was being conned but I still live in hope and parted with $220 for the photo shoot and another $165 for ecaster hosting. Who knows I might get something and at least get my money back. It's funny though, before i paid I was told that I have a great look and there were very few guys my age who were suitable and as soon as i handed over the money.. the story completely changed to oh, it's soooo quiet now and no one much is getting a lot of work. Just sit tight and wait for us to call u. What a joke, really.. I'm 51 and I have heard all the lines before. There should be some guarantee or agreement that if u dont get any work at all within 6 months then u get yr money back or at least say.. 50% of it back.. This industry is completely unregulated and they just seem to charge what ever they like and say what ever they like to suck u in and then the sleezes try to leech on to some of the young kids as well !!! Complain to the Office of fair trading and make that department earn their pay!!!! Make sure they come down hard on Oz Castings and any other 'agency' that makes u pay and then never gives u any work. And another trick they do is send u for auditions often knowing yr not suitable but then they turn around and say well we have been trying for u.. but they just didn't want u.
2010-07-04 00:08:26 by rachel
wow, i went threw his agencie aswell and i also asked to be taken off the website. i paid 200 for a shoot and they wernt that nice of photo's, i did a promotional job for him at the boxing and then he tried to offer me a lift home on his bike and kept incisting we went out after or to dinner. he was a pretty creepy guy who tried to push to see if he could try get a little something off you. i feel very screwed over because i lost out on my money. i was 18 at the time and now im 22 and i only got one job off him which was the boxing promotional job, he asked me to do another bikini shoot but it seemed really dodgy. im still looking a for an agency which is trustworthy and dont make you pay threw the nose to try get yourself out there to be noticed and hopefully picked up as a model or given some opportunitys. this guy with oz castings doesnt even hav a website anymore.
2010-07-18 17:54:32 by Ray Doyle
This is a general alert about a con artist who is scamming actors and film crews. He goes by several names including:
Thomas Jones
Thomas Bigley
And in the underworld community ‘Tom the Take”

He is a professional criminal and has scammed thousands of people out of their money. His cons include talent agencies Oz Castings and Oz Management Group.

Thomas advertises for actors/models/extras then charges them for representation. He then (not always immediately) abandons the front, relocates, and sets up a new front with a new name. He changes telephone numbers, addresses, email address, even his car.

He is currently in the process of setting up a new con called Actors Alliance.

He is operating under several company names including Iron Gate Movies (

If you have been a victim of this con artist it will do you no good to attempt to contact him as should you succeed in contacting him he will claim to be somebody else. It is better to report a complaint with the several fraud and scam agencies set up by the government and also to alert the police by submitting an official complaint. Links to these are provided below.

Thomas Jones was recently based at Essendon and has recently relocated to a lavish 4 story penthouse at 52 Button Lane in Ascotvale, VIC.

He is currently producing a movie as a tribute to former crime boss Alphonse Gangitano titled Fight to Glory. Film crews are encouraged to refrain from involvement on this production as it is being financed with stolen money.
Thomas is currently in the process of expanding his operations to include foreign operations including illegal immigration.
If you have had contact with any of the following email addresses then you have been contacted by this con artist.

He has changed his phone number many times and is currently using:
Ph / Fax : +61 3 9379 8534
Mob: 0402166990
Past numbers include:
(03) 9686 9768
03 93797180

Former contact details includes PO Box 400
Petersham, New South Wales 2049

Thomas promotes his scams through websites and advertisements some of which are:

He also advertises through job listings including online film industry portal shows that Thomas has bought hundreds of domain names and if this is correct he has many other names ready to trade under.
So far he has used the same web design company so if you see that the website is by J Hanney Web Solutions then you may be looking at one of Thomas’ scams.

Some of the sites featuring complaints by his victims are:

I urge anyone who has been a victim or has information on his operations to report it to the following organisations:

Also be sure to file a report with your local police.

2010-07-20 11:28:24 by vince
Thanks so much for your info ray. I go by bollo also you sent me an email i had a complaint about this scum on another site under that name. I new i was dealing with a con as soon as my experience with him was over but not a con of this lvl, i was thinking just some small time idiot. I will definintly be getting in to contact with scam and con agincies and the police about this.And nice try with the treat thoms or aron mance or whoever u claim to be very proffessional stuff there not obvious its u or anything. Obviously you are the bitter person here who enjoys taking peoples hard earned money and ripping them off. A current affair or today tonight would love this story so i dont know where to take it first (i would love to go to his house and talk to him face to face about getting money off him) but definintly need help from other people to take him down.
2010-07-21 10:36:48 by jt
the police will do nothing,so don't waiste your time
2010-09-25 18:13:32 by samy
his scum and deserves whats coming to him report it to bring him down!!
2010-10-03 21:00:23 by mary
Beware, he is dangerous, and threatening, dont go near him. I am so sorry for all the others like myself who have been taken in, but I really beleive he,ll get the karma back when his own movie bombs.
2010-10-03 21:01:52 by mary
Beware, he is dangerous, and threatening, dont go near him. I am so sorry for all the others like myself who have been taken in, but I really beleive he,ll get the karma back when his own movie bombs.
2010-10-16 04:52:46 by Thomas
No chance of that movie is flying,,,, l suggest next time you have your shots done elsewhere and pay a lot more than 300 dollars period.
lts the same old story you have no training or wish to for that matter and just realized that the industry was not for you so you launch your petty attacks you people make me laugh, do the hard work.
lf not go elsewhere.
2010-10-22 04:18:11 by Mariann
Hello JMT l was on the set the night you were given a chance to perform and you could not take direction or listen for that matter hence your lack of interest to this industry. Jump into a Nida class.
2010-11-28 06:30:25 by vince
unfortunantly rays information is correct and thomas has succeded with creating the new site actors alliance. I have been looking around for updates on him and he has now relocated to the phillipenes and is currently working on getting his film fight to glory released there. This is very unfortunante for people like me who had a part of this film as he is obviously not intedning to give anyone credit for there parts in the film. he is working on also getting it throughout asia as he says in his media release on his new website go to this to read his new media release
He has succeded in escaping australia just in time.


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