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2010-04-04 07:12:11 by Bill Clutterbuck
There is a website on the internet that goes by the name- gives the details of the phone numbers and fake callers.Someone has posted my personal number over there on the website with a false and a rude comment.On getting to know this I have contacted the website to remove it.I waited for a few days without any response.

When I did not get any response,I searched on the whois domain id to see who the website belongs to.I got to know that it belongs to one called Julia Forte- and the Email Id listed there is is the CEO of the company.

I wrote her an email describing about the problem and requesting her to removing my phone number with the false comments.Initially she did not respond,but later on sending two reminders,she asked me to call her on her direct phone line at a specified time.On doing so,I was horrified to know on what she had to say.She asked me for a 1000 USD to be paid to her for her to remove my phone number from the website.This came in as a very serious shock and surprise to me.

This is serious extortion and use of the false information to steal away money from the people.I dont know why people do such unethical things and decided to divulge a little more into this characters background.On doing an internet check,I could find that this has been this so called CEO--Julia Fortes past.She has been involved in such dubious activities,has a couple of lawsuits running against her and the only way she makes some money.

There is also certain information about one Julia Forte in the same area being thrown out of her job for financial embezzlement,I am not sure if this is the same person,but going by the present things that she has been doing I have reason to believe it is the same person.
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2010-04-11 20:21:49 by Julia Forte
Mr. Clutterbuck,

As you rightfully noted we are in fact being sued because we DO NOT remove posts or reveal identity of our users when threatened with litigation. We also DO NOT accept money in exchange for the above actions.

A few weeks ago someone posted a similar accusation in the comments at ( ). I don't know if it came from you but here is my response again.

- We DO NOT ACCEPT any payments from companies in exchange for removing posts. In fact if we did, we would not have the privilege of working with "Public Citizen". It's that simple.

I also noticed that the email address in the above "story" does not belong to me. If you made a typo and someone indeed responded to you with "the offer", I am interested in learning more about it.

Otherwise, instead of posting lies on the internet, I recommend you responding to the rude comments, or if litigation is preferable, you are free to pursue the offender who authored the messages.
2010-04-13 10:57:45 by Bill Clutterbuck
What you have posted is an absolute lie.
I have got proofs to clearly state that you have been extorting money from people by such unlawful activities.I am going to publish more posts on the net about your activities.It is because of these nature of activities that you do is you hide behind these websites and never come out in the open.

Its very simple even for a lay man to understand-who would put all the energy,the money,the efforts to get these complaints on the web just for free of cost!!every business has a working model and the basic principle to make money.--and your principle is EXTORTION!!!

2010-11-04 10:27:19 by outraged
i am having a problem with the website someone posted rude comments about me that are unfounded. and this website just let them say anything in this public forum.. are their other victims of this website we need to file a class action lawsuit. who gives them the right to post personal info like this..
2010-11-04 10:34:34 by outraged
just ran across another complaint Julia Forte - Complaints

Julia Forte - - and Scam
2010-04-13 13:16:35 by Julia Forte-Cheat,Scammer and Corporate Thief
I am one of the previous employees of the am letting the common public know about my first hand experience at the company.I was hired as a fresher and right on the very first day I was told how the whole scam works.The company head- Julia Forte makes it a point that the strategy is very well drilled in every executives head.

Basically they would encourage people to come and write complaints about various phone numbers and tele callers.Now every one registering on the website is required to put in the details of the email.Ones a complaint comes in-they would let it lie on the website just like that and see if any more people are writing against the number.If not-then one of the team members of the would put up some false comments and posts about the number.This ways they would build up a lot of complaints against one number.

Ones sufficient complaints were collected,we were asked to get in touch with these numbers/phone callers personally make them aware of what has been posted about the numbers and against their companies.The job was basically to emphasize about the repercussions of the number staying there online.We would build up pressure on them to get these numbers removed,scared them with all possible explanations.And to remove the posts the company would ask them to pay hefty amounts ranging from 500 to 2000 USD.The amount was supposed to be transferred by means that could not be clearly tracked-in false bank accounts,direct transfers in employee names!!!

Those who do not relent to their pressure tactics-well the magnitude of the false attack was increased on them-Julia Forte supervised this department herself-she is very unethical and has simply no moral values.

Those who did not relent to their tactics-you can still find their numbers on the website-

Its been 3 months since I left that company and I am thankful to GOD for that!!
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2010-11-09 11:54:41 by Dave
Mr. Clutterbuck:

I am very interested to hear more about your claims against Julia Forte and Let me know if you would be interested in speaking with me about them.
2010-12-06 15:56:17 by Miller
Mr. Clutterbuck, Mr. Dave, Outraged,

I would like to get in touch with you regarding a class action lawsuit. I am not against Julia Forte or the website itself, rather I am frustrated over the administration of these domains. Every web domain offers an ABUSE section or takes step to remove your personal information from their domain. My business is being harmed some malicious messages posted on their websites. I have tried to contact whocallsme(Sister domain of 800notes) 8 times and not even once I received a response. According to FTC policies, they are bound to at least listen to the complaints.
Ms. Julia Forte if you are seeing this message than its my request to you that you operate your web domains in more professional manner and listen to those who are being scammed by vicious people.

Pat Millerz
2011-01-24 17:23:00 by Joann Shields
Dear Outraged:

I would love to talk to you about Julia Forte. She owns a site on which she refuses to take down my client's name, address, SSN and incitements to physical violence against him. I would appreciate having her contact information. Thank you.

Joann Shields, Esq.
13636 Vestry Road, Suite 1000
Draper, Utah 84020
Tel. 801.816.9592
Fax 801.816.9593
2011-02-23 20:32:53 by abab
How's the law business doing at 13636 Vestry ?
2011-03-09 16:34:36 by xyz
abab, thats a nice pick. Is this guy fake?
2011-03-09 17:48:09 by zyx
I knew Julia Forte years ago. Side note here: She sleeps around BIG TIME. She lied to and screwed over a buddy of mine so it is no surprise she is screwing people online.
2011-03-21 17:00:37 by Babel Fish
I would like "PROOFS" too. I would like picture PROOFS of the people making these posts.

IT PROOF you idiot not PROOFS. Its quite obvious that that these posts are shills from Bill Clutterbuck and his thieving friends. With a name like Bill Clutterbuck you know that he is hiding something
2011-03-23 07:15:11 by jordan
some scammers have put my phone number out on 800notes with slander. can you please remove it? i would not pay the money they tried to scam me out of and they said they were going to post me on google and they did. what can we do about it? the phone number is 303 506 5738
2011-04-14 00:01:39 by Foreclosure on Attorney Joann Shields
This attorney Joann Shields has been jailed twice in the last two years and her house has been in foreclosure. Many warrants out for her arrest too. Whose the scam artist?
2011-04-25 22:31:37 by Holly Roloff
that is the funniest thing ii have read . Joann Shield owes me thousands but court is soon sandy city every one invited. And she is supposes to be a Mormon ha ha wait till they hear

any one with info on her e-mail please
2011-06-16 14:52:17 by Sarah
There are numerous websites available like 800notes and they work exactly the same way. Julia provides a valuable public service and it is completely free of charge. Occasionally some loose cannon gets heated up over something that was posted by a user and starts threatening Julia. If you have a problem with material posted on such a site, there is a legal process available to you for identifying the originator of the material. That is your remedy - use it !
2011-06-28 12:18:29 by Joe Theman
Attention all bloggers…Save Julia now captures and stores your personal information and shares it with their other sites and maybe even third party sites. This is unknown to the general public but their servers capture all of your DNS information and then, if they don’t like what you have to say, they simply block your access – how is that for democracy in action?
What we have here is a case of one dedicated but greedy entrepreneur that has allowed herself to be seduced into taking shortcuts and dis-respecting others simply to bolster her bank account. Worse yet, she hides under the veil of free speech and the anarchy of the Internet.
Here is how it works, the sites owner, Julia Forte, has established a website under the ruse that if you want to know who is calling you, all you have to do is type in a phone number. And if you happen to know that they are a telemarketer, you should post that info under the appropriate phone number. But what actually happens in the real world is that posters are encouraged bash companies without even requiring a basic registration. So if you were maligned or falsely accused of something, there is absolutely no way of you finding out who said what – the best you may be able to secure is a posters IP address - how convenient – so much for facing your accuser.
Now of course, there is a remedy available to companies that would like to have this slanderous information removed from the Internet and this is where our lovely Julia Forte enters the picture. Ms. Forte essentially extorts the bashed companies to “resolve” the situation and of course she offers her services for a fee. It should be noted that the fees are completely unreasonable considering the few seconds of effort required and worse - a company has to pay the person responsible for assisting in the distribution of false and slanderous content in the first place. So she helps people lie about you and then makes you pay to have the lies removed. Hmmm, so while it is not extortion in the truest sense, it is extortion in spirit - as the only way to get something addressed is to use their services.
But wait, do not take this bloggers word for it, because let’s face it, if you complain against this site or the owners then you are a whack-job yourself and must be a woman hater. No, let us turn to the truest and purest form of truth today and to the World Wide Web and the Internet blogging community that Julia Forte so strongly defends in rationalizing her actions and see what they have to say about our dear Julia…
First up, let’s hear from a former employee as they recount how the sweetheart of scam artists plied her trade:
But wait, there’s more, next up is a mothers post about how her sons ex-girlfriend used 800Notes to get even with the boy (beware of woman scorned and her wrath). After numerous appeals to the site, the mother turned to the jilted girlfriend who relented and then tried in vain to remove the post and was denied access to her own posting:
And then there is the story of the guy that got his phone number posted in error on the site and couldn’t have it removed. I am sure he posed a real threat to the masses, just a guy and his personal home phone. Of course, Julia will take care of the problem for a fee – well now, a girl has to buy new shoes after all:
Now, let’s spend a few minutes on business. I know you may not all be fans of the man, but let’s face it – the man pays the mortgage. In our next link, we have the owner of a construction company that builds homes, not exactly the telemarketing constituency Julia advertises to protect you from:
In an ironic twist, it would seem that our dear Julia is a scam artist herself, at least based on what the following post reveals:
An to top off our supporting documents, we present a post from the king of Internet scam artists, Ripoff Report (now we’re not exactly fans of Ripoff report as they actually invented posting slanderous material on the Internet and then charging you a fee to have it “resolved”) so it is with a little giddiness that we see our friend Julia listed on their site – payback is a bitch:
We’re in the home stretch now - Here’s another cute case on interesting bed fellows. Imagine if you will, one day you notice that there is an awful lot of derogatory material about your company on the Internet and then, out of the blue, your Email starts to receive repeated messages from a company calling themselves “Defending Your Reputation” at 512-275-6123. So you go to the Internet and enter their phone number and it takes you to 800Notes and you type it in Julia’s search box and guess what? You end up on a dedicated page for a company that has an even longer complaint list than Julia.
Well my friends on the Internet and in blog-land, it seems we have lost another of our brethren to greed. Julia Forte has clearly crossed over to the dark side and has decided to use her powers for evil rather than good. What makes this particular case so painful to bear is that our dear Julia uses the ruse of protecting the innocent to ply her extortionist ways and in the end, she gives us all a bad name.
Rise up my blog-a-sphere comrades and tell Julia that enough is enough – we will not stand for one of our own ruining our good name and tarnishing the respect we have fought so hard to earn. It is our right to demand her public online shunning – deny her access to the very tools she uses to exploit others. The greedy needs of a few should not tarnish the good work of the many.
Rise up fellow bloggers, rise up. Stop this madness and tell Julia in one united voice – stop your ways and come back to the fold or we’ll lash out and pepper your site with irrelevant information until the Google Bots have had their way with you and your site.
Fight for relevancy, fight for truth, fight for Julia.
And in the words of Margaret Atwood: “Are there any questions?”
2011-07-05 11:11:10 by LOL
This is too rich!!!

Here we have one disgruntled clod that didn't get what he asked for and is now hell bent on trashing Julia. He complains at length about the way 800notes works on a site - this one - that works exactly the same way as 800 notes. No registration, completely anonymous.

And for supporting documentation he provides links to other complaint boards that also work exactly the same way.

So according to this clown Julia's board is nothing but lies but "scaminformer", "xcomplaints", etc, are the "Word of God" ROTF

Let's have a couple of examples...


can't get any response out of Barberry uk, Sam Davidson who works for them won't return our calls and won't provide a number for us to talk to someone else.
have sent letters to the company director asking for his help but no response, we have no other option but to take them to court.
people beware of Barberry uk ltd, its looking like a con!!


Premium Personal Finance - Fraud
2011-06-09 09:38:27 by Moe Yasar
This Company Will Take All Your Docs,Then Take Upfront Fee & Then Not Response To Any Of Your Calls Or E-mails .They F......Rip Off

"complaints board"

American Home Plus

This company is involved in fraud and needs to be turned to NY's DA's office. They take orders on line and do not send ordered item, since they cannot secure it in a timely fashion. But, if you try to cancel a order that has not been fulfilled, AmericanHomePlus keeps 40% re-stocking fee. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY.


Now, what are you going to have to say after I cross post the complaints about YOU on all these other boards ???

Gonna start trashing them too ???

2011-07-12 16:54:26 by Josh Balner
There is slanderous information posted on Julia Forte's website about me as well. It always amazes me that these people can post whatever they want on the internet and call it fact. What ignorant people like Julia don't seem to understand is that allegations such as these affect people's employment, and personal lives. It's nice to come home to your wife after a long day and be crucified over fictitious events created by unemployed degenerates.
People like Julia Forte need to practice a little common courtesy and oblige when asked by individuals to remove inflammatory information. It's amazing to me that somebody can put up completely false information, and it becomes factual when these "blogs" allow it to be posted.
When I asked Julia to remove the posts, she responded by quoting "freedom of speech" legislature.
I feel it is a matter of common courtesy, and any decent human being would probably assist.
Hey Julia, can you please take down the slanderous information now, or do I need to post this same piece on a few more websites?
Doesn't feel good does it?
2011-07-14 15:27:21 by Sarah
Collection agencies are one of the major features (along with telemarketers) that people complain about on 800notes, Joshie-poo.

Now, are we talking about one isolated loony or numerous complaints? No need to answer, I looked, and there are pages of complaints about you.

So I guess the entire country is conspiring to slag on you. lol All except the obviously contrived "praise" posts that you make under fictitious names. Josh, NOBODY is going to go online and write a glowing review about some parasite bill collector. You need to find yourself another line of work. Your skin is not nearly thick enough for your current profession.

2011-07-14 15:36:11 by Sarah
Here's some more Joshie info...

and looky here, a Federal lawsuit !!!

Better stay safely up North in Canada, Josh-Josh :)


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