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2011-05-31 13:06:12 by Nathalie Scharf
Only one word of advice before you waste your $150.00, check out their BBB ratings, I wished I had:
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2011-09-07 07:51:11 by Etty
Good job making it apaper easy.
2011-09-07 09:43:12 by xtwrgfx
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2011-09-08 08:08:22 by zqkoup
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2011-09-09 04:38:23 by rjftbgqs
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2011-09-10 09:45:41 by egyzgfevccd
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2017-05-16 05:13:04 by Gerry
&amp; @12 &#8211; I agree that Chris Winter&#8217;s speech wasn&#8217;t a &#o280;go8d&#2221; one in any kind of traditional sense, but I think it came from the heart. I hear that he&#8217;s been a good son, has taken care of his dad during challenging circumstances and I think he was trying to do a good speech&#8230; he just seems like a really quirky guy and it came out rambling and odd. And that&#8217;s okay.
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