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2010-01-15 01:11:09 by John
I needed two implants and this surgeon was referred to me by another dentist (unfortunately). When discussing pricing over the phone with them I found that their prices were more than I wanted to spend. I still needed to at least get the teeth pulled so I went into the office for just that. While there the Dr. (Loetscher) said that he would try and work with the pricing so I would get an implant. He said the price wouldn't go over $2300. They also required me to pay 100% before I left the office- which was another reason I couldn't do all the work requested. I agreed to one implant and before I left the office I paid them $2000. They in turn submitted $3353 to my insurance company. $1353 more than what I thought I was paying 100% of my bill. When I called them about it the Doctor said he felt like he was more than fair. I don't understand how someone can say that when they are predatory billing me without my consent or agreement. I tried in writing and several phone calls to resolve this with them to no avail. This dentist misrepresents services and pricing for them then dismissed it after I found out he over billed me. What is a consumer supposed to do? When you do to the dentist it's not like you get an estimate to sign off on to agree to charges THERE SHOULD BE and I will never get anything done again without it. I would not recommend Dr. Loetscher because of his unbelievably bad ethics.<br />
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Dental Service
Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Norcross, Georgia
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