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WWICS - Not refunding my amount

2015-06-22 04:11:05 by Rushita Panchal
I had submitted a file for Canada PR under FSW program, but my file came back due the capping in my category. Now as per the agreement signed I'm eligible for the refund of 1.5 lacs, which company is not ready to accept. And making different excuses that I had delayed in submitting the documents. Which is totally wrong, as my file was with company since 2 years, then where is the possibility of submitting late comes.

Company is cheating with me and ready to refund on 40,000 instead of 1.5 lacs. Also, my 80,000 Rs already company has eaten up, saying that company policy has changed.

This is fraud towards the client.
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2017-05-16 03:34:02 by Honeysuckle
No one knows me. They know a bit about me. They see my pictures. They get snapshots. But no one knows me.So do7n#821&;t take it personal. I have made it my habit to only friend or follow people I feel I have made some sort of connection with, either through my writing, or in real life. Facebook is an interesting experiment, and lately I’ve seen it reek havoc so monumental amongst various family members that I’m tempted to give it up . . .
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