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2010-01-15 01:35:34 by Troy D'Arcy
I went to Walt Disney theme park and the mickey mouse was a complete fraud. He tried to take my wallet then wen I went and complained Minnie Mouse lady came and tried to steal my watch. I was very angry and Mickey and Minnie and told them to take a hike. Then Minnie tried to hit me with a water balloon and I threw it back on them. Then Goofy came and said he will get my wallet back, but Goofy goofed off and didn't do anything he said he would do. I guess that figures what wit a name like goofy what can you expect, u know what I mean? So then I told Goofy that I was gonna take his mask off and complain on this website on the internetworks so here I is complaining about stuff thats super important. Walt Disney company is a total fraud
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2010-02-20 02:21:39 by Troo
Ummmm, huh?
2010-03-05 14:01:16 by Darn Duck
2010-03-10 20:27:23 by Minnies friend
come on!
2014-06-27 03:49:15 by Iban
Thanks Everybody!!! ~ as you can see the freshly coernvted works on iOS devices now~ so you can enjoy a heartfelt wink on all your handheld devices while still managing to watch my face animate on Laptops. I'm not sure why the page is not zooming to fill the screen of the user device but, with iOS devices and most modern gadgets you can zoom in with your touch screens to your heart's content. Go nuts!
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