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WWICS - WWICS – A Disgusting Experience

2014-01-02 07:30:13 by Amit G

I have heard about lot of scams in my life but WWICS gave me a lifetime and unforgettable disgusting experience of their pathetic services. At the time of receiving money from people they have a smile on their face and when they have to refund money to the same people, their courtesy just vanishes in thin air. They are like the lord of scammers, fraudulently scamming thousands and lakhs of rupees from innocent people. And I am not just saying these things just like that but because this is what has happened to me and to other people whose complaints against WWICS I have read on the internet.

WWICS took huge amount of money from me initially as a down payment. Subsequently I paid them in full in a month’s time, so that they do not face any problem in submitting my PR file. But to my shock and disgust, they took 7 more months to submit the file during which a new rule came up which said that PR file submission of 5 years has now been extended to 9 years. After that they had a mild interaction with me regarding a 3 days training for the PR following which again there was no positive output. And finally after waiting for 10 long years I received the news that PR can no longer be processed because of policy changes. I was completely shattered and asked WWICS for a refund. But, it seemed that WWICS was not done fooling me because when I asked for a refund the amount they offered to refund was even less than what I originally paid, let alone giving me compensation or damages for the non productive experience I had with their organization.

WWICS are scammers who have fraudulent procedures to fool innocent people. With WWICS people lose their hard earned money, precious time and peace of life. I placed my trust in this fraud company and all I got in return was frustration, stress and loss of money & time.
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2014-01-03 08:49:53 by am2014
WWICS lies to your face and is the worst place to go for any kind of immigration or PR related services. Once you go to them, you will realize that they are a big scam whose idea is to simply cheat people and make them fool. They simply leave you waiting and at the end you have no output from their side. WWICS is fraud and cannot be trusted in any way.
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