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2014-01-09 10:25:31 by Amit
WWICS cheats, WWICS frauds, WWICS scams, WWICS deceives…. And I feel short of negative adjectives when I take the name WWICS. They are a bunch of tricksters working hard to make fool out of people. I went to them for getting assistance on my PR file submission and approval. However, they did not help me at all regarding this. Instead they just wasted my time, money and energy.

From 2003 till 2013, for 10 long years WWICS deceived me by delaying my file submission unnecessarily and then finally I got the information that my PR cannot be processed due to policy changes. I want to ask them, that what the hell they were doing for 10 freaking long years, if at the end of the day they had to come up with no output. Sheer nonsensical and stupid procedures they have that are designed just to dupe innocent people and add stress to their peaceful lives.

I am angry, frustrated, physically exhausted and emotionally hurt because of WWICS cheap tricks of getting my money. WWICS culprits should be denied operations and their offices should be sealed. They must be punished for the unethical deeds they have done and the people they have defrauded. I urge people to come out and speak if they have been a victim of WWICS fraud.
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