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2010-04-13 13:16:35 by Julia Forte-Cheat,Scammer and Corporate Thief
I am one of the previous employees of the am letting the common public know about my first hand experience at the company.I was hired as a fresher and right on the very first day I was told how the whole scam works.The company head- Julia Forte makes it a point that the strategy is very well drilled in every executives head.

Basically they would encourage people to come and write complaints about various phone numbers and tele callers.Now every one registering on the website is required to put in the details of the email.Ones a complaint comes in-they would let it lie on the website just like that and see if any more people are writing against the number.If not-then one of the team members of the would put up some false comments and posts about the number.This ways they would build up a lot of complaints against one number.

Ones sufficient complaints were collected,we were asked to get in touch with these numbers/phone callers personally make them aware of what has been posted about the numbers and against their companies.The job was basically to emphasize about the repercussions of the number staying there online.We would build up pressure on them to get these numbers removed,scared them with all possible explanations.And to remove the posts the company would ask them to pay hefty amounts ranging from 500 to 2000 USD.The amount was supposed to be transferred by means that could not be clearly tracked-in false bank accounts,direct transfers in employee names!!!

Those who do not relent to their pressure tactics-well the magnitude of the false attack was increased on them-Julia Forte supervised this department herself-she is very unethical and has simply no moral values.

Those who did not relent to their tactics-you can still find their numbers on the website-

Its been 3 months since I left that company and I am thankful to GOD for that!!
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