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Phoenixmediacorp - Fraud people
2015-01-08 03:09:40 by stalin
Phoenix media corp company located in propritor joseph kennady he is a big fraud this people not doing any fcuking business but they hire people for job they will get work from the employee.they won't pay respect for womens.
Fat Freddy's Catering - Fraudulent Complaints on this website
2014-06-30 14:23:26 by Fred Renstrom
Karen David has posted several complaints against catering companies for food poisoning. Companies from all across the country. None of them have a description of the event, just damaging keywords that will appear in search engines. Then we get an email from Harry Reid <>... - FRAUD-JULIA FORTE
2014-05-22 12:44:17 by Lisa Wilmington
wwics group - WWICS Scam organization
2014-02-26 13:05:35 by Amit
WWICS are scammers who took my money, wasted 10 years of my life time and gave me no result in return. I am angry, frustrated, physically exhausted and emotionally hurt because of WWICS cheap tricks of getting my money. I got in touch with them in the year 2003 regarding my PR and got mental stress for...
wwics group - WWICS Scams and Cheats
2014-01-22 12:29:03 by Amit
WWICS fraudulently made me believe that they will do my PR work but they did not do anything. WWICS cheated me. They are simply the most pathetic organization I have even seen and the worst experience I have ever had in my life. They are scammers who took my money, wasted 10 years of my life time and...
wwics group - Pathetic WWICS Scam – An Experience Straight From Hell
2014-01-21 13:32:47 by Amit
Pathetic WWICS Scam – An Experience Straight From Hell Dealing with WWICS was without any doubt an experience straight from hell. WWICS scam shook the peace of my life and shattered it into pieces. WWICS scamming proved to be the worst nightmare of my life. I have never seen such shameless people...
wwics group - WWICS Deceives People
2014-01-20 11:57:28 by Amit
WWICS Deceives People WWICS deceives people upfront without any fear or shame what so ever. WWICS deceived me too. The deceiving WWICS people would first appear to be very calm, patient and helpful. But the moment they get their money, they transform into the worst set of people ione could ever...
wwics group - Fraud WWICS Immigration Company
2014-01-17 13:10:33 by Amit
Fraud WWICS Immigration Company WWICS fraud stories can be evidently seen in the form of reviews and complaints posted by various people on different online portals. The people have shared their personal experiences about how Fraud WWICS organization made them false promises and then later did not...
wwics group - WWICS – A fraudulent and vicious trap
2014-01-16 13:16:20 by Amit
If you have been researching on how to get a PR or if you have been looking for consultation on your immigration, then there is a good chance that you might have come across a company called WWICS. But before you go ahead and contact them for help, please take out some time to read my review on their...
wwics group - WWICS Conned me
2014-01-16 13:07:10 by Amit
I have heard and read about many people who con or scam other people to get money etc. fraudulently. But WWICS con was the first in my life that I was a victim of. WWICS con starts by luring you into their scam procedures of getting your immigration work done. In my case it was regarding my PR work....
wwics group - WWICS Cheats People
2014-01-15 11:58:27 by Amit
I have one simple question to ask the WWICS Company – What on Gods’ green earth were you doing when I was waiting for my PR work to be done by you? Were you sleeping or were you just having a great time while I was stressed out? I think WWICS never had any intention of completing my work because...
wwics group - WWICS Tricked Me
2014-01-15 11:53:10 by Amit
WWICS tricked me into believing in their fraud procedures for PR. I wanted my PR work to be done by them and for which I paid them in full. However, WWICS tricksters just made me believe that they would the deliver the promised work. They never actually meant that because had they meant what they said,...
wwics group - WWICS Cheated me
2014-01-13 07:25:09 by Amit
Bitter and harsh, but that is the truth. WWICS cheated me. WWICS scammed me and wasted my time. WWICS fraud procedures are designed for this very purpose, i.e. to scam people. I went to WWICS for help regarding my PR approval in 2003. They made me wait for 7 months first to submit my file which they...
wwics Group /Education, Visa and Immigration - WWICS Pathetic Services Ruined My Time
2014-01-13 07:10:05 by Amit
The pathetic WWICS organization totally wasted my time and left me helpless with no clue at all about what to do now. I went to them for my PR approval and they asked me to pay for their services, which I did on time. But the moment they got money, they started showing their true colors. WWICS delayed...
wwics group - WWICS Worst Experience of My Life
2014-01-10 07:11:39 by Amit
WWICS has been the worst experience of my life. My trust in WWICS has been shattered into pieces. There are people who lie to other people but WWICS scams people upfront without hesitation. They wasted my hard earned money, precious time, and peace of life. They are frauds and cheats who make you wait...
wwics group - WWICS Cheats
2014-01-09 10:25:31 by Amit
WWICS cheats, WWICS frauds, WWICS scams, WWICS deceives…. And I feel short of negative adjectives when I take the name WWICS. They are a bunch of tricksters working hard to make fool out of people. I went to them for getting assistance on my PR file submission and approval. However, they did not help...
wwics group - WWICS Fake and Scam Organization
2014-01-09 10:16:22 by Amit
They are scammers who took my money, wasted 10 years of my life time and gave me no result in return. I got in touch with them in the year 2003 regarding my PR and got mental stress for 10 long years from them in return. In 2012, i.e. 10 years after 2003, I got the shocking news that PR can no longer...
wwics group - WWICS – World’s Worst Immigration Consultancy Service
2014-01-07 07:13:38 by Amit
Yes!! The above is true to the core because in every sense possible WWICS is World’s Worst Immigration Consultancy Service. They have fraud procedures that screw people left right and centre. They deceive people, make false promises and then break the trust entrusted in them. I am one of the victims...
wwics group - WWICS Scam and Fraud!!
2014-01-06 06:25:03 by Amit
WWICS scammers have fraudulent procedures that have an intention in disguise to fool innocent people. With WWICS fraud procedures people gain nothing but only lose their precious money, time and most importantly their peace of mind. Placing your trust in this fraud company is nothing but inviting frustration...
wwics group - WWICS Fake Promises
2014-01-04 10:46:44 by Amit
In case you have heard about this company and are planning to go for immigration or PR related help from them, I would like to warn you that you might get caught in the WWICS scam. WWICS fraudulently deceives people making fake promises and then when the time comes, they won’t give you any output...


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