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2009-10-05 09:29:25 by Shekher
Dear all, Plz. plz. plz. avoid WWICS as they are the biggest mother f...ker. A chairman of wwics so called Sandhu is convicted of several crimes and must be rewarded for his guts that he built a Resort on Punjab Govt. land without taking any permission. I doubt when he was in Indian defence how...
Immigration Fraud Cheating WWICS sandhu - Complain against delhi CP WWICS GK II, sandhu , gurpreet kaur, sharat bhardwaj
2009-10-05 09:23:05 by VIPUL
On 17th NOv'2005 I attended a seminar of WWICS at Sai Auditorium Near C.G.O Complex. After that the started calling me up more than 5 times a day to join for Immigration by signing an agreement & Paying 30000/-, so in NOV'05 i managed to arrange money & paid 30, 000/- . This is the...
WWICS - Fraud by WWICS for not giving service & Not refunding money 85,000.
2009-10-05 09:18:20 by SANJAY KUMAR
hi, Fraud / Cheating by WWICS Immigration Consultant, Delhi. I am a 30 years NRI, presnetly working in NIgeria.I have been cheated by Immigration consultant WWICS. Please see the mail communication below, which explains that: I had been registered with WWICS for immigration services in dec2005....
2009-10-05 09:08:45 by Jerald Sudhakar
WWICS ( World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services) with its H.O at Chandigargh and branch office at various locations in India deals with Immigration/Work permit/Permananent settlement. Actually i applied for immigration to Canada through its branch office at Trichy on 2006.So for this process they...
Walt Disney - Fraud and Deception
2009-07-16 18:00:08 by Troy D'Arcy
I went to Walt Disney theme park and the mickey mouse was a complete fraud. He tried to take my wallet then wen I went and complained Minnie Mouse lady came and tried to steal my watch. I was very angry and Mickey and Minnie and told them to take a hike. Then Minnie tried to hit me with a water balloon...


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