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wwics Group /Education, Visa and Immigration - WWICS Pathetic Services Ruined My Time
2014-01-13 07:10:05 by Amit
The pathetic WWICS organization totally wasted my time and left me helpless with no clue at all about what to do now. I went to them for my PR approval and they asked me to pay for their services, which I did on time. But the moment they got money, they started showing their true colors. WWICS delayed...
wwics group - WWICS Worst Experience of My Life
2014-01-10 07:11:39 by Amit
WWICS has been the worst experience of my life. My trust in WWICS has been shattered into pieces. There are people who lie to other people but WWICS scams people upfront without hesitation. They wasted my hard earned money, precious time, and peace of life. They are frauds and cheats who make you wait...
wwics group - WWICS Cheats
2014-01-09 10:25:31 by Amit
WWICS cheats, WWICS frauds, WWICS scams, WWICS deceives…. And I feel short of negative adjectives when I take the name WWICS. They are a bunch of tricksters working hard to make fool out of people. I went to them for getting assistance on my PR file submission and approval. However, they did not help...
wwics group - WWICS Fake and Scam Organization
2014-01-09 10:16:22 by Amit
They are scammers who took my money, wasted 10 years of my life time and gave me no result in return. I got in touch with them in the year 2003 regarding my PR and got mental stress for 10 long years from them in return. In 2012, i.e. 10 years after 2003, I got the shocking news that PR can no longer...
wwics group - WWICS – World’s Worst Immigration Consultancy Service
2014-01-07 07:13:38 by Amit
Yes!! The above is true to the core because in every sense possible WWICS is World’s Worst Immigration Consultancy Service. They have fraud procedures that screw people left right and centre. They deceive people, make false promises and then break the trust entrusted in them. I am one of the victims...
wwics group - WWICS Scam and Fraud!!
2014-01-06 06:25:03 by Amit
WWICS scammers have fraudulent procedures that have an intention in disguise to fool innocent people. With WWICS fraud procedures people gain nothing but only lose their precious money, time and most importantly their peace of mind. Placing your trust in this fraud company is nothing but inviting frustration...
wwics group - WWICS Fake Promises
2014-01-04 10:46:44 by Amit
In case you have heard about this company and are planning to go for immigration or PR related help from them, I would like to warn you that you might get caught in the WWICS scam. WWICS fraudulently deceives people making fake promises and then when the time comes, they won’t give you any output...
wwics group - Do Not Trust WWICS
2014-01-03 08:50:41 by Amit
Sometimes one has to pay a heavy cost to trust someone and that is what happened to me when I placed my trust in WWICS. I could have never imagined that the organization that I am trusting with one of the most important decisions of my life would turn out to be a deceit in disguise and would shatter...
WWICS - WWICS – A Disgusting Experience
2014-01-02 07:30:13 by Amit G
I have heard about lot of scams in my life but WWICS gave me a lifetime and unforgettable disgusting experience of their pathetic services. At the time of receiving money from people they have a smile on their face and when they have to refund money to the same people, their courtesy just vanishes...
Alex Jankuv - fraudulent supporter
2013-05-23 09:40:58 by weirdx
Alex Jankuv is the worst support person ever - do not hire him! He used to work for and it he almost ruined the reputation of this company with his work - he was unable to provide adequate service. When I dealt with this company I used to contact Alex about support service but after I send...
Consulting - Fraud and lies
2011-07-24 19:26:42 by Jayanthi
We recently started seeing a lot of false complaints about our company showing up while doing a google or bing search. All of them posted in ONE site called, we were a little baffled and also posted providing contact information in the post asking people posting there to call us, as...
WWICS - it sucks
2011-07-20 00:45:53 by dfghjkl
This company is a complete waste of money. Fraud includes very poor housing. You would rather live in a shack than stay in the housing they provide. They put numerous famalies in a tiny basement and they charge the amount it takes to live in a apartment. They provide little to no information on jobs,...
Premium Personal Finance - Fraud
2011-06-09 09:38:27 by Moe Yasar
This Company Will Take All Your Docs,Then Take Upfront Fee & Then Not Response To Any Of Your Calls Or E-mails .They F......Rip Off
Shields Law Firm, P.C. - Abuse, Defamation and Retaliation
2011-04-29 13:32:39 by Joann Shields
I am an attorney who posted some statements correcting false information about my client on The anonymous posters who published the false information retaliated by posting defamatory information about me on I am not a company engaging in consumer fraud; I am not...
Dr. Martin Polanco - Fraud
2011-02-14 14:33:17 by Dr. Martin Polanco
The content temporarily removed.
Dr O P Agarwala , dentist - Greed-based dental treatment to make money
2011-01-14 08:31:11 by sayantan pal
Dr O P Agarwala, 18A , Mayafair Road, Kolkata, is a fraud. He is a greedy dentist. I went to him & he unnecessarily grinded my good teeth to put crown for making money. People of Kolkata, beaware of him. Since few patients come to him, he tries to cheat whoever approaches him. He is a harami, laalchi...
WWICS - Fraud.
2010-12-23 11:52:47 by Nitin Sharma
I have sent number of mails to Customer care Manager WWICS mohali and to the Branch Manager and Mr Rashim of Jalandhar branch for intimating me about the outcome of my refund after my case was closed with CHC, but till date I have not been updated about the outcome of my refund case, even the direction...
2010-12-22 17:00:31 by Sandra Brossart
Excel Energy (Electric service in MN) transferred me to this company to "confirm details of my service order" when I called to transfer service address for impending move. The rep asked if I was interested in receiving any "special bonus offers". I thought it would be something mailed...
Diet Max Cleanse - Stay away!
2010-11-30 12:59:40 by Sandra
Ordered product on 3/5 and they claim they shipped it on 3/14 but I never received it. They had no proof of shipment or delivery but blamed me for not contacting them within 10 days to cancel. They charged my credit card $87.47. The best they would offer me was a $20 credit but their credit site states...
daksh immigration and placement consultancy,hasdri nagar - fraud visa
2010-08-12 03:59:30 by abhishek


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