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FLM Loans - Threatening nature, and possible illegal actions by Staff

2010-05-02 08:41:04 by Fred926
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FLM Loans.
United Kingdom

Take a look at the way FLM have handled this poor, distressed young girl! Note particularly, the advice given to her by FLM Loans. This must be very close to the Law that says it is illegal to 'Demand money with menaces!' WHY are these companies allowed to get away with this? This was posted on the Internet by a young lady who was obviously terrified by this company.

Problems with a company called flm?
im having alot of hassle of a loan company called flm.
i became a guarentor for someone, i have since lost my job but flm ring me almost daily as the payments have fallen behind.they threaten me with summons and losing my house.i have gone to a debt consolidation agency as like i say, i lost my job and things were just to tight to survive on.
flm say the debt agency are lying to me, , that there is no way they should be dealing with this debt and no matter what the debt place say, i should still b paying flm direct.however...
the debt place r saying they deal with flm on a daily basis, that they r vultures and will say anything they can to try and get me to pay up!ive been in tears on the phone to flm, when theyve been telling me to sell my babies toys if i have to, they dont care how i get the money, , just to get it!
please help...any advice???
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2011-06-21 05:56:54 by DebbieG
To CassyGirl exactly what I have experienced Nigel from FLM, I was actually on my way to hospital with a suspected angina attack after one of their colleagues called me the night before, she was rude and really pushing me to the limit I could feel my heart getting faster but low and behold Nigel called and it was as if I had told him I was dancing round the room, he just carried on saying I owed money as guarantor etc. They are bullies and keep threating to tag my salary, see my boss put a CCJ on me, which they still have not done after 2 years etc. I get daily emails, texts, letters and calls and although I cannot make payments as I am financially unable to they still are not willing to listen to reason. I will not give them my account details and they took money out my account before without even telling me. Someone should see FLM for what they really are. I asked them to ask my sister in law whom I am guarantor for to get another guarantor, but they will not entertain that. Now waiting for them to take me to court for the 3rd time, I told them to go ahead again ..............
2011-06-23 12:24:40 by tony ingham
flm loans told me they could definately get me a loan of £3000.00 if i paid them £80 which i did then they said sorry we cant get you a loan
2011-06-23 16:39:23 by olatunde ishmeil
aply for lon
2011-06-26 09:15:32 by SAINT ANDREWS
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2011-06-30 10:36:25 by fudd
re: debbie g

ah the old angina attack caused by the evil loan people phoning................

YOU WENT A GUARANTOR FOR SOMEONE, THEY HAVE OBVIOUSlY STOPPED PAYING IT BACK, HENCE YOU ARE THEN LIABLE TO PAY, THAT IS THE MEANING OF THE TERM GUARANTOR. Can you just reply on here and actually explain what you thought you were agreeing to when you agreed to be a guarantor for someone? You just signed the form like a fool and didnt even bother to think about what it entailed.....

Imagine the cheek of these loan companies trying to get their money back, what a joke. They should just leave you all alone to enjoy the cars etc that you bought and not bother asking for it back. The cheek of them phoning you!!! Who do they think they are? Asking for your bank details so they can get back the money they are owed? Cowboys that they are. Next time they phone just tell them that the magic fairies will pay the loan back since you can't be assed with it anymore.
2011-07-03 06:07:09 by FredR
I stood as a guarantor for my sons friend, the con here, is, how they turn it around, my sons friend applied for the loan, but all of a sudden, it become my loan, and not his, All through my life, and I am 66 years old, I have stood guarantee for several different people, and my understanding of being a guarantor, was that if at the end of the day, you defaulted on your payment, the guarantor would pick up the tab. The way this company have trick people into becoming guarantors, should be illegal, but like everything else in this Country, the government allow it, more taxes for them, and more heart ache for the public. Any help on bringing this company to book would be truly appreciated. My friend’s son has been getting behind with his payments, and out of the blue my account started to be debated with his payments, and I started being bombarded with texts and emails. I have wound up with a loan that I did not take out, and had I have known the consequences of my actions I would not have signed up for this. MY ADVICE TO ANY ONE, THINKING OF STANDING GUARANTOR FOR A LOAN, ESPECIALLY WITH FLM. DONT, DONT, DONT, how it winds up is, ITS YOUR LOAN.

Very cleaver and crafty company.

2011-07-03 07:15:36 by joannew
i completely agree with fred 926, im with a debt compamy so they take in charge off my finsnces for me i pay them so much a month then it gets dished out to my creditors all my other creditors are happy withwat their getting but FLM are hounding me like ad for the full monthly amount ive been thretened with court selling all my thngs even baby things baillift r comin this as been going on a year now i am in tears all the time i have tried comin to an agreement with flm and their solicitiors harvy strutt, and they wont accoet it, this needs to stop as im threatend ith court now its makin me really ill and very drpressed does any one know what i can do please x
2011-07-03 07:46:42 by JOANNEW
2011-07-03 19:00:16 by jobby
WHAT THE FU%* ? FredR- you went gaurantor for son's friend? You are clearly insane. It didn't "all of a sudden" become your loan, it became your loan because this joker stopped paying it back so they rightly started taking the money from you, as was agreed!!!! did you think when you were giving your bank details "hmmm they are taking my bank details here, this must be completely coincidental and they wont be taking money from me, obviously they will just delete these bank details and never use them". You people really are wild, this is the most annoying discussion thread I have ever saw. I actually now want to get a job for FLM loans so I can hound you's for the money you bunch of scoundrels. Basically you are all theives, or at least assisting others to be theives who clearly shouldn't be getting loans but you are helping them to get them then dont want to pay it back. AAAARRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

PS - i'm sure the 'ombusment' will be a great help......
2011-07-04 04:04:02 by nadine hardman
i am also responding as they declined my guarantor and hes got perfect credit history
and we think its because he lives out of the payment area for payments been collected
and we are going to trading standards and the fsa on this matter we wont let it rest
until weve had an answer of ther scamming company flm loans

2011-07-05 16:56:59 by joannew1
does any one know how to stop FLM LOANS from harrassing me all the time n the threatening, and as any one else delt with their solicitors called HARVY STRUTT?
2011-07-12 04:31:08 by pauline pope
iv had nothing but problems with FLM also my daughter paid her fee,, we we;r told to getting gaurentor after fee was paid this was hard in this day and age with the rules and regulations they had applied we have both given up for our fee refunded because it was costing more money in telephone calls and letters and we still got no where with it.
2011-07-18 12:02:13 by Bob
WE paid the loan back the month we took it out... and now they are threatening us with all they've got after we have paid more than the value of the loan in charges etc. they have taken payments AFTER adding a late charge (not before, not even when the money is in there). We have sent them hard proof that the loan has been paid back etc and have now had to close both bank accounts. its not just if you have a late payment charge so ignore the people that say it is, and dont touch them.
2011-07-23 05:10:53 by jamiec
So many people on here are complete liars. The stuff you all talk about shows lack of intelligence and that you are completely iliterate. Some of you on here cannot even spell so how you complain about FLM is beyond me. The reason why you are unhappy about the way they work is because you probably cant read to save your life. Also, for all you thick'o's out there, FLM is a lender and not a broker, they do not ask for any upfront fees to pay out a loan you stupid illiterate fools. Also, when you take out a loan it should be for the full term, dont stop paying and expect everything to be ok if you dont pay your creditors and decide to sit on your fat arse and expect everyone to accept your £1 from your social money. You people disgust me
2011-07-26 09:57:49 by JOANNE1
FLM did ask for a fee BEFORE the loan was handed out which was over £100.00 even though they are the lender NOT a broker i no quite a few people who has had loans with them and they in simular postions and FLM have said the same shit to them so before you start putting people down may be u shoud try and understand JAMIE C what people circumstances are first but then again you sound like some one from FLM K
2011-08-01 12:49:22 by pam
The company needs shutting down.
2011-08-08 14:33:51 by cj
i have had the same problem i got a 500 pound loan with flm and was never told about interest i was told that it would be 41.00 a month repayment not that the 41.00 would be interest and they put it up every payment it started at 41.00 now it has gone up to nearly 56 and i only got the loan in may , also i missed a payment as im on esa and was sort on money as it was my daughters birthday and they threated to take my friends brothers jobseekers allowence because it goes into his sisters bank as he does not have his own . We told them they would get the money owed in 3 days but still they said they would take her brothers money even though he had absolutly anything to do with the loan , they are very rude and also they have taken 20 pound out my bank then on my flm statement it said 5 pound , yet my bank statement said 20 pound , i would say dont get a loan with flm they are just com artists x
2011-08-08 14:38:44 by cj
jamie c if your so much better than all of us what the hell are you even doing on this site ? You obiously are a class above everyone else so if so dont you have anything better to do ?
2011-08-08 14:49:15 by cj
jobby haha what a low life , kick people when their down , you must be so much better than us . not.
2011-08-09 17:33:58 by pj
jamie c u obviously work for FLM you idiot.


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