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FLM Loans - Threatening nature, and possible illegal actions by Staff

2010-05-02 08:41:04 by Fred926
Company information:
FLM Loans.
United Kingdom

Take a look at the way FLM have handled this poor, distressed young girl! Note particularly, the advice given to her by FLM Loans. This must be very close to the Law that says it is illegal to 'Demand money with menaces!' WHY are these companies allowed to get away with this? This was posted on the Internet by a young lady who was obviously terrified by this company.

Problems with a company called flm?
im having alot of hassle of a loan company called flm.
i became a guarentor for someone, i have since lost my job but flm ring me almost daily as the payments have fallen behind.they threaten me with summons and losing my house.i have gone to a debt consolidation agency as like i say, i lost my job and things were just to tight to survive on.
flm say the debt agency are lying to me, , that there is no way they should be dealing with this debt and no matter what the debt place say, i should still b paying flm direct.however...
the debt place r saying they deal with flm on a daily basis, that they r vultures and will say anything they can to try and get me to pay up!ive been in tears on the phone to flm, when theyve been telling me to sell my babies toys if i have to, they dont care how i get the money, , just to get it!
please help...any advice???
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2012-12-17 02:36:00 by franzus
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2013-03-17 12:29:06 by julie smith
whoever writes on here that its people own fault when they get into arrears, how can it be if they lose there job, maybe you havnt missed a payment YET but god help if you do , will you still say its ok for the loan company to send threats and be bully no it isnt ok
2013-06-19 04:28:03 by constorgua
2013-10-01 01:51:38 by lievstroy
2013-10-11 07:29:42 by nad
FLM are the worst lenders i have ever known what a bumch of thieving threatening bastards, i am struggling so ended up going through a dept management company yet flm are the only ones that are hassling me, i owe bigger loans to banks and you dont see them constantly ringing, texting and sending letters. These lenders should be stopped its not fair that they can do this to people that are in financial difficulty. The sooner i can come up with the money to pay these bastards off the better, word of warning people NEVER EVER USE FLM, EVVEERRRRRRRR
2013-10-22 19:58:05 by Uewpwdwxd
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2015-08-01 18:03:36 by Lucianooliveira
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