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2010-04-13 13:16:35 by Julia Forte-Cheat,Scammer and Corporate Thief
I am one of the previous employees of the am letting the common public know about my first hand experience at the company.I was hired as a fresher and right on the very first day I was told how the whole scam works.The company head- Julia Forte makes it a point that the strategy is very well drilled in every executives head.

Basically they would encourage people to come and write complaints about various phone numbers and tele callers.Now every one registering on the website is required to put in the details of the email.Ones a complaint comes in-they would let it lie on the website just like that and see if any more people are writing against the number.If not-then one of the team members of the would put up some false comments and posts about the number.This ways they would build up a lot of complaints against one number.

Ones sufficient complaints were collected,we were asked to get in touch with these numbers/phone callers personally make them aware of what has been posted about the numbers and against their companies.The job was basically to emphasize about the repercussions of the number staying there online.We would build up pressure on them to get these numbers removed,scared them with all possible explanations.And to remove the posts the company would ask them to pay hefty amounts ranging from 500 to 2000 USD.The amount was supposed to be transferred by means that could not be clearly tracked-in false bank accounts,direct transfers in employee names!!!

Those who do not relent to their pressure tactics-well the magnitude of the false attack was increased on them-Julia Forte supervised this department herself-she is very unethical and has simply no moral values.

Those who did not relent to their tactics-you can still find their numbers on the website-

Its been 3 months since I left that company and I am thankful to GOD for that!!
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2010-04-16 12:21:42 by Jack
Trying to locate the company and the only address I have been able to track down is a UPS mail box address - the one on Holly Springs. Could you provide me with an actual street address for the company or Ms. Forte - it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.
2010-07-24 09:19:21 by CC
Insurance scam rears its ugly head!

As if the economic and real estate situation isn’t difficult enough! .

These homeowners insurance companies lure customers away from Citizens Insurance, evaluate the home and provide homeowners insurance.

Several weeks after they take the customer’s money they notify the homeowner that they have cancelled the policy because the home is a risk.

Several weeks later they again offer insurance trough their subsidiary company but double or triple the premium.

Then during hurricane season they again notify the customer they have cancelled the policy because the home is at risk.

There may also be cases of discrimination involved.

The following companies are involved and if you have been scammed report them:

Tower Hill Insurance Company
PO Box 147018
Gainseville, FL 32614

Royal Palm Insurance
PO Box 142350, Gainseville, FL 32614

Newman Insurance Agency, Inc.
5700 Stirling Road
Hollywood, FL 33021

2010-07-26 15:18:28 by Mad at them too
I have had similar experience with 800notes. They removed my rebuttals. Leave the outrageous lies there. They hide behind the AntiSlapp law and the CDA of 1996. Please provide more detalis of your experience on the wikipedia site.
2010-09-01 10:30:40 by hi
2010-09-01 10:31:08 by hi
<a href=""></a>
2010-11-09 11:59:02 by Dave
To the former employee:

I am very interested to learn more about your experiences as an employee of Julia Forte and Please let me know if you would be willing to speak with me about them.

2011-02-23 20:31:54 by Lmnop
Which product did you purchase from 800 notes, a job ?
This is a "consumer" complaint site, yes?

I wonder were you thinking when you posted the imaginary web address which does not exist - and Scam

800 Notes has been nothing but useful and a wealth of info and in my opinion there is not a tele marketer out there I want to hear from, there is nothing legit about their calls to me nor to most of us regular Jack and Jill that post on 800.

If the site is what you claim it to be, why post here, call the feds.
2011-04-05 11:35:22 by Obvious
It is actually a pretty brilliant scam. There are a ton of companies that would just as soon pay this ransom than deal with all the legal expenses in a crap shoot of a law suit type case. The internet has no governing body. Which makes it extremely difficult to prosecute. It's like the wild west.

I do truly feel bad for the mom and pop small business' out there that have been ruined by this scam. Julia will have to answer too her maker one day.
2011-04-05 12:10:39 by Justice
2011-07-07 07:58:59 by Sarah
LOL, this is hilarious.

There is absolutely nothing "scammy" about 800notes. Indeed, 800notes exists to expose scammers.

If there were any truth to these ridiculous allegations it would take just one phone call to the proper authorities and we would all be hearing about it on the evening news program.

So why not make that phone call instead of writing this fiction on the internet?

No need to answer, the conclusion is obvious to anyone with more than a double-digit IQ.

The person spreading these lies is clearly damaged. Get your Lithium prescription refilled.


2011-11-10 22:10:30 by Love 800notes
Every time I get a call from a scumbag telemarketer I am always able to find out who they are on 800notes. I'm on the Federal do not call list, amd the info I get helps me file my complaint
2011-11-23 11:51:29 by I love 800 notes too
To: OP, "Julia Forte-Cheat,Scammer and Corporate Thief" - you are a liar. Your command of the English language, punctuation and spelling prove that you did not work for anyone in the corporate world, not here in the US anyway. You are probably just some scummy telemarketer with no morals, ethics or willingness to follow the law and uphold the national Do Not Call list.
2011-11-26 07:15:05 by Chuck
Julia Forte of is a child molester and you can google it.
2011-11-26 07:18:07 by Chuck
The company is a company that was started by Julia Forte a convicted child molester. She has been in and out of court for years for her alleged convictions and one should take note. is part of Julia Fortes extortion websites. She basically makes all of her money off of Google ads. She loves to get collection agencies sued by her Google ads. Of you Google Julia Forte,, Child molester, you will see what I mean.
2012-01-05 17:04:34 by Complainer2
Sorry 'Chuck'. I recall you harrassing folks over on and now you're trying to say Ms. Forte is a child molester. Well, I did google the terms you stated, and if that's what you call proof you have issues, dude.

I do hope she sues you for slander, harrassment, and anything else she and her lawyers can prove.
2012-04-12 11:24:42 by Cybernet
To the writter of this article, Your a bollock that needs his head unlodged from his arse. 800notes is not a scam site. In fact, the site keeps buggers like yourself at bay so we can know who the hell is calling us at supper time with annoying telemarketer phone calls disturbing our lives with pointless shat. Anyone reading this, 800notes is a free non profit site that runs with the goal of teaching the public who is trying to call them and why. If your getting phone calls and want to figure out who they are, Then go to, if you want those god for saken numbers to stop, get PhoneTray. End of story.
2012-05-16 11:05:39 by Justice
Please upload your experiences to the following thread that is destined for all the major search engines and relevant authorities to get Julia Forte's websites removed from the internet.

2012-06-20 22:23:56 by Joshua Aaron
Julia Forte is an upstanding citizen. I think we should give her an award for the work she's doing to bring down these scammers!
2012-12-03 13:44:52 by Why Bother
America has a free enterprise system that allows us to have certain freedoms. With the free enterprise system people are allowed to set up a business with their own rules. Ms. Forte's websites are her business. If you do not agree with those rules then you are free to not use the website or visit those businesses. The rules of that site appear to use a selective censorship which seems to favor some of the major players. You are not allowed to post a comment about WCA Subscriber Services that contains the link to their website, nor comments asking why the FBI has not used the RICO act to pursue Pacific Telecom. Those comments will be deleted.
I did my protesting against "Big Brother" and censorship in the 60's which included rights to freedom of choice. So now I am just exercising my freedom to disagree with the rules of this business and no longer place comments on that site.

According to one former employee of 800notes "the amount was supposed to be transferred by means that could not be clearly tracked-in false bank accounts."
If you post a comment on the site asking why the FBI hasn't used the RICO act and gone after one of the major companies behind the CNAM revenue sharing scam the comment will be deleted. One of the principles in the company that set up the CNAM scam also specializes in setting up shell companies and false bank accounts for money laundering and tax evasion.
2013-02-02 23:49:55 by Della Monroe


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